Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Surprise Day in Kansas.

Today stinks.
I have been at airports and on airplanes all day.
This morning I got to the Seattle airport way too early and sat waiting to leave for an hour and a half...
then...3 1/2 hour flight...only to get to the airport in Kansas for what was supposed to be a 3 hour layover. has now been three hours and my flights delayed for two more. I left this morning at 9am and will arrive in WI at 11pm. (9pm Seattle time) 12 hour day of flying stuff...lame.

This airport is the worst.
There are three horseshoes of terminals. In the one I am in, there is a way overpriced pub and a Starbucks (which closed 2 hours ago). I asked how to get to the other one with a Burger King...the woman's reply, "Ma'am to get there, you're going to have to get on that bus." (pointing to a not so safe looking red bus). Mmmm...I'd rather not eat. Good think Chai fills me up (I've had 2 today...also a Snickers, banana bread and a cookie on the plane). 

Once I got off the plane, you're already in the gate. To leave the gate (to get food or use the restroom), you must leave security. Lame. 
I left security because I heard it was 65 degrees outside. I sat by the doors for a while enjoying some sunshine until a lovely drunk homeless man came up to me asking, "how did I get here?! am I at the airport?!"...oh boy...

Now I am sitting back in the gate. My Macbook has about 30% left and my iPhone is at 59% going down quickly. Matt keeps telling me how cute Avery is and my parents are all anxious to see me...and I'm stuck here in dumb Kansas. 

This morning when Katie dropped Avery off, she brought me a present :) I mean, Avery brought me a present...
2 magazines, a Snickers, gum & some Mentos for the trip. Best. Friend. Ever. She's so thoughtful!

I started reading this cheesy read and so far it's pretty good :) 

 I just want to be in WI already. Tomorrow night I'm going out to downtown Milwaukee with my high school friends, Saturday we are celebrating Easter with my Mom's side in WI Dells & Sunday we're going out to a super fancy restaurant with my Dad's side of the family for dinner. It's going to be a fun weekend....I just want it to start already!

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday will include lots of chillin' with my family :) 
My little siblings are so too!


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  1. How fun to get to spend some time with family.... not too fun to endure all those layovers. :(