Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JUMP Convention 2012

This weekend I was in Seattle at the Westin with some of my team kids at the JUMP Dance Convention. It is a convention with famous dancers, instructors and choreographers. The girls are learning amongst the best of the best in our area and in just two days I saw such an improvement in their dancing and confidence.

Friday night the girls had a Jazz class with Melanie Moore. She is the 2011 winner of So You Think You Can Dance! I have to admit I was a bit star struck seeing her for the first time yesterday and got all giddy along side my kids. I watched her all last summer and loved her! The song that we walked into our reception too was one of her dances that I obsessed over all summer leading up the days before our wedding. She has been great with the kids this weekend.

{3 of our girls with Melanie Moore, winner of 2011 So You Think You Can Dance}

Saturday, they took Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Jazz/Funk & Ballet.
I also jumped in and took two classes in the teachers room. I was a little frustrated because I haven't had to learn in so long that it took me my whole first class to get into the swing of it. I had Lyrical & Hip Hop. I'm glad Hip Hop was 2nd because by then (in a room of only 8 teachers where I couldn't hide in the back), I was finally comfortable and rocked it out :) 

Saturday and Sunday mornings I left our apartment at 6am and did not get home until afternoon. It was 9 hour days of dancing. On Saturday I got home, scarfed down some pizza, and...took a two hour nap! Man, I'm getting old :( 
{Jazz with Mandy Moore & Melanie Moore...who watches SYTYCD?!}

Next month we have another convention, Co Dance, and I have 8 kids going. I think I might just stay at the hotel all weekend for that one so I don't have to wake up at 5am.

Super fun weekend. Exhausting...but super fun. I'm so glad my girls have this experience.

 {One of my little ones getting ready for ballet with Katy Spreadbury!}

{JumpStart Ballet class 5-7 year olds...our little dancer is the one in the black leo and pink tights}

So awesome!!!


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