Friday, April 13, 2012

Catch Up

Here is a little catch up of the rest of my Wisconsin trip and the past two days being home :)

Micky and I got to spend lots of time together while I was in WI. We went to Noodles together for lunch and then to Target on a little mini shopping spree. I bought a new maxi skirt, flip flops and these awesome spring nail polishes. I love Essie! I currently have my ring fingers with glitter. We saw it on Pinterest. 
Micky came over after and we hung out and painted our nails while we "babysat" my siblings. 

On Tuesday I had cuddle time with Caleb and we read a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book to each other. He can read just as well as I can...well, almost ; ) I was really impressed!

We took a trip to Hartford's new library. It's so beautiful! I could have stayed there all day. When we go in June I may have to go to Perc Place and then head over to the library to read and sip my drink on their awesome.

Cirrah was all about it. She checked out like 5 chapter books. I was really proud of her :) We got her some Judy Moody and she was feeling like she could relate to her. It was pretty cute.

This is how I survived 7 days without my hubby and puppy. We FaceTimed like 8 million times :)

Cogsy was pretty confused lol.

On Wednesday, Micky and I headed to Hobby Lobby and made these awesome bracelets at my parents house all afternoon. I'm obsessed with making bracelets now. :) 

I'm so happy I got to spend so much time with her! My parents are going to fly her out this summer :)

Wednesday night my Mom and I went to dinner together at Applebee's and it was really nice to have time with just her :)

On Wednesday night/Thursday morning I woke up at 2:30am...I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to see Matt. I texted him which would have been 12:30am his time and he was still up excited and not being able to sleep too. We talked until 3:30am and then at 4am I got up to take a shower.

I left at 5am with my Dad to the airport. I hate saying goodbye to my Dad at the airport. He didn't think I could see him, but when I was through security I looked back to give him one last wave and I could see him looking so so sad :( I hate that. He didn't see me. 

Then, 6 hours later....I was home with my hubby! It was the best feeling in the world being together again. It felt like I was gone for a month. :) 

I was excited to see Cogs Wogs too :) He's been extra cuddly with me. I know he missed me too ;)

Then today we got to watch Little Miss Avery! Is she cute or what?!! 
I got Katie/Avery that onesie at her shower. It's size 3 months and seeing her in it today was awesome. When I bought it I remember thinking, "I won't see her in this for SO long". long sure came up fast! She's getting so big. This little stinker didn't' like my outfit choices today...she made me change 3 times ; ) SO worth it for her cuteness! She made up for it with her smiles and happiness today.

She made it all the way through Ikea with us today too, and she didn't even make a peep. She liked looking around at everything :)

Just 5 more days until we leave for Seabrook!!! We're so excited :) Whoa...that means 5 days until I'm 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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