Sunday, April 22, 2012

Forks, Wa!

It wasn't long after Lake Crescent that we saw the sign...
"Welcome to Forks!"
I have wanted to go to Forks, WA since I read the Twilight series while living in Florida (before I met Matt). I used to sit in my cubby/locker all curled up in my Pluto costume (no for real, I was so into it that in between sets I didn't take the body off, just the head, and I'd sit there reading twilight...Pluto's cozy like that lol). I always used to say that I was going to go to Forks one day. Never in a million years did I ever imagine I would live 4 hours away! I knew nothing about Seattle and to be honest, had never cared less. If not for Matt, it probably would have been somewhere I would have never even vacationed...oh man would I have missed out. I can't imagine.
Anyways....I had been waiting for this for a long time. The whole Twilight thing has definitely faded for me, but knowing I had wanted to go SO was super cool and exciting to pull up to the sign to take this picture. I'm a weirdo and cry at everything, and I got a little teary-eyed lol. I'm weird. 

It wasn't hard to find our way around Forks. It's ridiculously small. Smaller than the town I grew up in, that's hard to accomplish. We headed to Forks High School next. It's not the actual school that they did the filming at, but I thought it was neat still. Matt surprised me and told me he had a small birthday present for me...

He said it was fun to buy a card that said, "Happy Birthday to My Wife!" He said it hit him again that we're married :)

Our Seabrook house had a Blu Ray player, so this gift was very fitting :) 

Next we headed to the Twilight gift shop and I got a t-shirt lol. I had to, it was on sale for $12.
I'm Team Edward, but the standy was scary so I am posting the one with Jacob instead :) Matt asked the lady at the store why Jacob had his shirt on....oh boy..... 

And our last stop...Bella's Truck. : ) Forks was a fun little pit stop. Nice to get out of the car and was funny to look at everything. We watched Twilight at night (it was my birthday after all). 

After Forks it was another 2 hours before we got to Seabrook. I will post again tomorrow :) It's going to take a week's worth of posts to cover this vacation. We had a blast! We might even go back for a weekend this summer. Yay!

We're home now and it's beautiful outside!! 70-75 degrees maybe? 


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  1. How fun! :)
    Forks sounds charming.
    Hope you had a good birthday, lady!

    It's funny the moments it "hits" you that you're married :)