Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family in Wisconsin Dells

I went with my family to my Grandma's in Wisconsin Dells yesterday.
The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt and we all just hung out.
My Grandma and her fiancé, Ron, are going to Vegas to get married next week so we celebrated that as well :)
{My little brother, Cody, and I} 

{Uncle Dan, Dad & Uncle Ricky talking about the Disney Cruise my aunt & uncle were just on}

{Auntie Debi, Mom, Me & Auntie Cyndie}

{Kaylin and I}

Grandma and Ron (Grandpa) cut their wedding cake and my grandma said vows to Ron. Very sweet.

{They're so happy!}

We got home pretty late, but we still had to dye eggs. Cirrah was cracking us up.

It's been a nice family trip. I'm really really missing Matt on this trip. I always say I'm not coming here without him and then when I do, I say it again. For real now, I hate coming her without him. I'd enjoy it more if I didn't have to miss him. 

I have more photos from today when we spent time with my Dad's family. Next post...
Now I'm going to head over to my brother & cousin's house because I haven't seen it yet :)

Tomorrow, Tuesday & Wednesday are 3 full days of relaxing...well, kind of ;)


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