Monday, April 9, 2012

Mom's Birthday/Easter

My Mom's birthday was yesterday. Yesterday was also Easter.
My mom doesn't like birthdays so we don't make much of a fuss. She better watch out year is the big 5-0 and theres no way we're ignoring that ; )

My Grandma Hampe took us out to lunch/dinner at Fox & Hounds along with my Dad's sister and her family. My baby cousins (4 & 2) are such sweethearts. I loved spending time with them!

Caleb was also a little cutie patootie all night. I once found him walking around the dessert bar with my mom's camera and I asked him, "Caleb, what are you doing?" His reply..."Taking pictures of this beautiful art" (just regular restaurant art on the walls...nothing special lol). Super cute for a 8 year old boy :)

{Cirrah tried really hard to get the pogo stick....we'll work on that one...}

{Mani & Me}

{My cousins Marina & Gabby}

{Cirrah wanted me to make the photo look like this so her soda looked like wine like me lol}

{Marina Beana being cute at dinner}

{It was a buffet...dessert too}

{Marina took this one...I love it}

{Cy & Me}

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