Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hanging with Avery Day #1

Today is our first day with Avery (who is currently sleeping). 
It's been such a great day! 
Matt is so awesome with her. I had to go interview a girl so Matt had her alone today for about an hour and watched her like a champ! :) He's so cute with her. He's been laying on the floor with her playing and singing to her. When I came home he had Subsonic on his iPad above her bouncy seat and said, "Shhhh, she likes Disney music, it's making her sleepy." Hehe I love my husband. He is seriously going to be the best dad of all time.

Today we had to go to David's Bridal so I could buy my bridesmaid dress for his sisters wedding and while we were there he fed and burped Avery like it was nothing :) 

The other man in my life, Cogsy, is proving himself to be the best dog in the world. We always knew he was, but now he has definitely proved us right. Not once has he jumped on Avery. He gives her plenty of kisses and likes to chew his toys curled up beside her, but he is so crazy gentle and watches where he walks around her, it's so cute! I was so worried that he was going to be crazy, but they're best friends already. She likes him too! When he licks her, she just lays there staring at him like, "What that heck are you doing to me?" lol. She doesn't cry though :) She was fussing earlier in her bouncer and I was sending an email out for work sitting in front of her. She was totally fine and did not need to be picked up (Matt was next to me too) and Cogsy was whining at me like "MOM! Aren't you going to help her!!" Pretty awesome :)

{this picture was right when we let him out of his crate around 9:30am after Avery got here. He stayed right next to me and would do little crawls over to her and give her licks}

{Avery's Guard Dog}

{"Um,'re in my spot. Don't you know his lap belongs to me?!"}

Avery has been a doll button all day long and has been a great little model lol. 

Avery, Cogsy & are all not helping my yearning for a baby....stop being so damn cute and perfect! Avery and I had a talk earlier that she would like a friend...of course, not at least for another 5 months though ;) Ha. 
It's been a fun day. We're going to have some fun times with Avery and I'm so so happy we get to be such a big part of her life. We love Chris & Katie so much and are glad we get to be an "Auntie" and "Uncle" for their baby :)

We're already looking forward to another fun day with her tomorrow!
I'll be gone in Wisconsin for 8 days starting on Thursday so Matt will have her alone for 3 days and he told me he's totally confident :) I love him so much!


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  1. How fun and she is so cute! I loved the pictures with Cogsy and her.