Wednesday, March 7, 2012

150 Days!

This past weekend at the Twin's party, with everyone talking about their trip to Disneyland in May, Matt and I got bit by the Disney Bug. Wait...we always have the Disney Bug but we want to go NOW. Like we wish we were there yesterday so when we woke up today we would be at the Anabella getting ready to go to Disneyland! The air crisp with butterflies in our tummies because we were so excited. *sigh*...I can feel it now!

We've had our trip planned for August for a while now because it is in between camps for me. I purposely did not schedule camps that week so we could go to Disneyland. Last month we were sad and thought we were going to have to cancel...NOPE! :) Trip back on! We are so so excited!!!

Just 150 more days! That will go fast, right?

EEeeee!! So excited! 150 more days until we get to be this excited again :)

{this was me saying "Matt take a picture of how excited I am going in for the first time!!"} ha!

{we were exhausted but full of adrenaline!}

I want TODAY to be 150 days from now so we can be there!

....I should be getting ready. Class starts in 50 minutes and I still have a towel on my head. :)
Have a good day everyone, think happy thoughts!

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