Wednesday, March 14, 2012

THE best dream.

Last night I had the best dream of my entire life and today it's as clear as it was when I dreamt it sleeping last night. I cannot stop thinking about it because it felt so real and I was so happy. I woke up in the middle of the night after it and wanted so badly to fall asleep and dream it again (I then had a different dream). But, woke up still remembering that one so vividly. 

I just have to write about it because it was just so so awesome!

The dream was Matt and I were in "our" house, yes, house, and had lots of people over. I do not know who the people were, but I do know that the house was not a new house but we were very proud of it that it was ours. The kitchen was 70's but we didn't mind. (In real life we would mind, I think.) The only emotion I had throughout the whole dream was feeling complete and feeling completely happy. 

That happy over a house you may ask?...

I was in the kitchen with Matt while we had all of those people were over and I was holding a baby.
It was OUR baby. I didn't have the normal best feeling in the world feeling I always have holding babies. It was better than that. It was really the best feeling I've ever known. (I do realize I didn't technically feel it because it was a dream). I woke up remembering everything! I was holding her upright so her head was on my shoulder. Yes, it was a she. I was calling her by her real name too. The name that Matt and I know if we ever have a girl will be the name. This name will stay secret until she is born one day, if we ever have a girl. It was just so so awesome. I felt whole. I loved Matt different too. 

I really remember all of this. It was so vivid. I came into dance today and told my dance moms about it and they all said, "Yep, you're pregnant"! Ha! NO I'm not. I know that one for sure. 

I was just telling Matt yesterday that I'm really enjoying the way things are right now. 
It was just so real of a dream. Weird real. Like I was living it. It was like a glimpse into the future (I hope we don't have a 70's kitchen though). Ha. 
I remember in the dream saying to Matt, "We did it, our baby was born in the house she'll grow up in." It was so so real!

Hmmm...Maybe we really can do it. Makes me want to work really hard today. Even harder than I already am. Which means...I need to stop writing this blog (I am eating lunch which means this break is allowed).
I want to save save save so we can have a real home together and start our family.

EEeeee I'm so excited now :) Oh, and she was beautiful and had dark hair like I did when I was a baby which is strange because I usually picture our kids looking like Matt...I can still see her :)
Have a good day everyone!



  1. so sweet :)

    just remember, you will never be completely ready, just be ready to embrace and enjoy the ride :)

  2. :) Sounds like a great dream!
    I'm excited to have kids one day, too. But man... I think I can wait a few years :)