Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I have been slacking on the blog. We haven't been up to anything other than being crazy busy with work and school...and we're both really sick. Not fun. 

Work has been really exciting lately! I hired another teacher today that will be teaching at one of our preschools, taking over classes that I had been teaching. Tomorrow will be my last day teaching there. So now on Tuesdays instead of teaching 6 classes, I'll just have 4. Yay! She came with me to class this morning and she was great! The kids were giving her hugs when they left and I kept saying, "Hellooo, what about Miss Chelsea?!" Ha. That's exactly what we want though. I was sad for a second until I realized I made a great hiring decision :) 

Here's a picture that one of my dance mom/friends snapped today during class :) What she didn't know until after class was that as she was taking pictures outside of the room, her daughter had just said to me, "Miss Chelsea, I love you." :) It was so cute and random. I love moments like that while I'm teaching. 

I've been working super crazy hard lately. It's all so worth it to me. We now have 4 preschools that we're partnering with, I have 2 more meetings this week and 2 meetings waiting to be scheduled. I also met with another nearby community center and will be partnering with them beginning this fall. I of course won't be the teacher because I want to always be the one teaching at our current center, but I can't wait to find the perfect staff member for that job :) Big things are happening. My goal was to get 7 preschools by the end of this month and if we get the ones I have meetings with... we'll have 8 by the end of the week plus the new community center. 

I made 50 tutus this weekend for our recital on the 23rd :) I'm so sick of seeing tutus right now. I still have a few more classes of tutus to make but I'm glad I cranked all of those out, even though I feel like crap today. I had to cancel team practice tonight because I'm so sick. I have a sub for 2 of my 6 classes tomorrow though so that's good. 

--------------------------------in other news-------------------------------

*Matt's almost done with this quarter of school and is ending it with the highest grade in his math class again, I'm so so proud of him. He's doing well in his last English class too and is glad that he'll never have to take and English class again. He hates writing. 

*We're excited because I saw on Facebook that one of my dance families/friends is giving away a couch and recliner and we are getting them :) The couch is leather and has recliners on both ends... we can't wait to finally be comfortable and have plenty of seating to have family and friends over! We're so thankful.

That's all for now :) 

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