Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012: Help Save the Children!

Help stop Joseph Kony from doing awful things to children! 
He is abducting them and making them his army. Over 33,000 children in Uganda have been taken by him. They are forced to kill their parents, mutilate and rape. 
Children...little children. 
I think about how old my dance kids are and am sitting her bawling thinking about how young and scared these children in Uganda are. I want to do all I can to help! One of my dreams is to one day adopt a child, to save a child. I want to go there now and just hold them and tell them it will be okay, that there are so many people here who want to help them. This man is awful. It literally breaks my heart. I am praying so hard for them. Knowing that this is real. It's really happening right now. There are children right now hurting. It makes me just so so sad.

I bought the kit and signed the pledge. The kit comes with a t-shirt, two bracelets, posters, stickers and buttons. The goal is to spread the word about Joseph Kony so these children are no longer invisible. Our government will help the Uganda army arrest him when they see all of us wanting to help him. I'm not usually one to protest or do things like this. This one is really hitting me hard though. These poor children. It's so so so so sad! 

Help stop Joseph Kony! 
I have made my blog public again just for a while to help with this. I have 60 followers. If each of you sign the pledge it will help so much. A little goes a long way!!

Save these children!

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  1. One of my friends went to Uganda and did mission work with this. His story is pretty amazing. He was running for his life for about 2 years trying to help with this. I am SO glad this issue is finally taking face and more is being done. It is so awful and just evil.