Sunday, March 25, 2012

NDA Dance Competition 2012

We had a busy dance weekend and I loved every second of it.
Matt...well, he hung in there :) 
He made me so happy today, mingling with the families and playing with the kids while we waited to compete. He had a coaches badge with me today so he registered the girls and came backstage with us. He even did their music. *I love him* It was neat to be able to give him a glimpse into my childhood actually begin backstage and showing him all the behind the scenes stuff.

The girls took home another 1st place trophy and banner tonight.
I am so proud of the way this team works together. Having kindergarteners and 6th graders all on the same team has not been a challenge in the way I initially expected. The "big girls" really help the "little girls." Today I actually left them alone backstage and felt 100% comfortable knowing they would know what to do to go on stage...and, they did. The younger girls are really improving and the older girls are growing beyond anything I ever imagined this early in their dance careers. 

I may have to split the team into two so that the older girls can continue growing more. The younger ones are well on their way. A large part of me wants to keep them together for just one more season to see how much they grow together before splitting them. 

I love these girls so so much :)

I had the girls get there really early so we wouldn't be stressed for time..well, we ended up having a lot of time because our time got pushed back 40 minutes when we got there. So...Matt played Angry Birds Space with some of them while me and the moms talked girl talk :) He was even letting them use it, I was shocked. He's so great with kids! They love Matt :)

Waiting for awards to start the girls kept giving me the "Ugh...Miss Chelsea!! Do we HAVE to take another picture?!!" look.. lol

Getting their 1st place trophy and banner!

Talking about their scores. I love love love this picture :)

Next weekend the girls and I are going to a convention in Seattle. JUMP Convention. We'll be dancing with some pretty amazing dancers. Matt lucks out on this one and definitely does not have to come with us. I will be gone all weekend though. I'm super excited! 

Tomorrow is the first day of our Spring Quarter. I can't wait to meet all my new 2 year olds. It's always a big day. These little ones are the future of our program. It's always crazy on the first day with the 2 year olds realizing how little they really are when we start each quarter :) 

So much fun!

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  1. Yeah for first place!! The girls look so cute in their little uniforms!