Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Friday!

I barely pinned anything at all this week. 
We've been insanely busy.
We started our Preschool Partner Program this week...hired a new instructor and got our 3rd preschool.
Exciting stuff!

Anyways...with this new venture comes our dreams becoming closer to becoming reality. I've been looking at Redfin a ton again. When we buy, one of the main things we want is our laundry to be upstairs. Then...I am going to do this. I love the color of the doors too. These remind me of our wedding. 

Matt really likes plain walls with bold colors. It's growing on me. This picture is beautiful. I love the white kitchen with the bold chairs. And that rug!!! 


With those barn doors... love!

I have the hardest time remembering measurement stuff. This is such a great idea.

This week has shown me a new light. It has shown me that I can dream and plan all I want but sometimes new plans happen. Good plans happen. Good things happen that will help those other dreams be even better one day. I love this picture below. It would be so much more amazing with Matt though if he was stress free...that's what I want for him.

And, this is how I have felt for the past 8 weeks...this quarter has been insane (in the best way!)
Tomorrow, I have another meeting with another preschool. Crossing my fingers :) We're also going to see The Lorax! Yay!!!
Have a good weekend everyone :)

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  1. I already want to nap tomorrow, too! :)
    I love that closet. Holy moly. I could fill that baby up, no problem!