Friday, March 23, 2012

I Should Be Sleeping...

I should be sleeping because tomorrow we have 2 recitals, Sunday my girls have a competition & on Monday our new quarter begins...whoa. Amazingly, I do not have a single thing left on my list for the recital...just one to-do for our competition...and plan on prepping our spring quarter all day tomorrow. So I'm not sleeping...

What am I doing instead?? 

Look what I found!

I emailed the lady in charge tonight, doing my best to not mention my Disney experience in an annoying way lol, and am now anxious to hear back. I 'liked' their Facebook page as well and it seems that she is very easy to get ahold of and will answer her phone and you can just sign up to go. If the kids on the team do not want to go, I will post flyers around Issaquah until I get 8 interested kids lol. I want to do this SO badly. 

Am I living vicariously through my dance kids now? Why yes I am. 
I already feel bad for our future children. 

Anyways, I can't wait to see what the lady says. On the site it says $50 plus the cost of park admission...and then obviously travel expenses too. It seems too good to be true. We'll see...

Now I can't fall asleep because I'm too excited. Recitals, Competition, New Quarter...and now Disney Parades!!! What?! I'm never going to sleep tonight...

Matt's up writing his paper so that he gets it done before my recitals tomorrow because he knows I would be a not so happy wife if he doesn't make it because of procrastinating on a paper for 2 months...So at least we're up together :) 

Yay Disney!!!!!! {We're listening to Subsonic of course...but that is always on in our house} 
*Subsonic is a radio station (kind of) online that plays Disney park music. Line music. Ride music. Parade music...etc. If we're not watching tv, we're listening to Subsonic. And it helps Matt concentrate so maybe we will get to go to bed soon....................................Gah, I'm so excited! 

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