Saturday, March 17, 2012


Matt and I have been blessed with some pretty unbelievable helpful people here in Washington. 
We are very thankful that we have had friends here who have helped us get on our feet.

Just recently one of my dance mom/friends had posted on Facebook that she had a leather couch and recliner that they were getting rid of and to message her if interested. We bought our couch for $300 from World Market and it was supposed to be very temporary...well it's been 2 1/2 years now and it is still the only seating we have in our apartment. It's just never our priority to get new furniture. So...I messaged her and she said we could have them for free! I can not believe how kind that is. Her husband and daughter (who has been in my dance classes since the very first day) just brought them over. Which, was also the nicest thing ever because this couch is a beast! Man is it heavy! I was teasing Matt while they were moving it in saying, "Oh c'mon it can't be that heavy!" is! (I apologized). Just really nice of them to give them to us. We are very very thankful.

{Notice the bouncy seat in the background? Matt assembled that today because next Monday we start watching the little cutie pants, Avery!}

Cogsy jumped right up and I was like "Noo!!" but then Matt was like, "Chelsea...really? They have a pug too AND 3's OK" Ha..oh yeah :) The couch and chair are really in such good shape. We are so so happy. Matt's pumped to finally have a recliner and I am currently lounging on one of the couch recliners. Fancy Fancy :) 

I'm waiting for Matt to be done getting ready and then we're heading to Olympia for a St. Patrick's Day dinner and sleepover with Matt's family and then our niece Clare's 3rd Birthday tomorrow :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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