Monday, March 26, 2012


8 more days until I'm in WI visiting my family and friends!

6 days after that is not only my 24th birthday, but also our trip to Seabrook, WA!

5 months from today we will be on day #2 of our Sunriver, OR trip!
We booked our house today for our 6 nights/7 days in Sunriver, where we went on our honeymoon :)
The super exciting part...
We've been waiting to book our trip in the hopes that our same house from our honeymoon would be available. It hasn't been and we've been kind of bummed. Tonight I checked and...
we got it! 
It was fun to book it all over again and to look at the pictures they have on the site advertising it and knowing that really is exactly what it looks like. It's going to be so awesome pulling into that driveway and opening that front door.  Now we get to make some more amazing memories for our 1st Anniversary in the same exact place we enjoyed our first week of marriage. 

3 Paper Birch Lane

Some of our new memories on this trip will include horseback riding & whitewater rafting. 
Matt didn't bring any jeans last time so we couldn't horseback ride and I didn't want a traumatic experience on our honeymoon so we didn't whitewater raft lol. 

It's fun to think that at this time last year I was only dreaming, saying, "Just 5 months until our wedding!"

So far, our first year of marriage has been awesome. Not perfect of course :) But perfect to us. We are learning more and more everyday. We have almost lived together for 4 years now and we definitely have each other figured out. These past 7 months have brought some surprising and exciting life changes career  wise. We are proud of where we are headed, happy about where we are now, and glad for what our past has taught us.  

We're super excited for this vacation. We really hope it's something we can continue doing every year with our kids and maybe one day we can buy a home there :) It's just so relaxing there. 


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  1. awe yah for WI! It was fantastic weather last week, lets hope it holds up for you when you get here! :)