Thursday, April 25, 2013

24 Weeks

How Far Along?  24 Weeks

How Big is Baby?  As big as a cantaloupe! My favorite fruit. I asked today if that was legit and it's true, she's really that big. Whoa!

Total Weight Gain:  Had our 24 week appointment this morning so I finally checked. I have gained 17 lbs. I thought I gained a lot more with that so I was pleased :) Matt wants me to gain more. Midwife today said I'm totally fine because Lillian is measuring a bit ahead now. (Good girl!)

Maternity Clothes? All the time. Most of my regular shirts are getting to be too short now. I can still squeeze comfortably in a few though.

Stretch Marks? Not yet...

Sleep: Up and down. This has really been my biggest struggle with pregnancy. I just never know what the night will bring (for example, it is currently 3:20am as I type this...went to bed at 10pm, woke up at 12:50am...can't fall asleep.) While we were in Seabrook I slept like a log. Just never know.

Best Moment this Week: Being in Seabrook with Matt for our getaway was my favorite, and then meeting two awesome girls at my baby class last night was great too!

Miss Anything:  Wine.

Movement:  I like seeing my belly move. At first it was creeping me out and I would even cry because I have a hard time when I'm out of control with my body. Now that I'm getting used to it I am starting to be able to enjoy it more. I really want to soak this all in. I love her so much and whenever it starts to scare me I just remember who is the one making my belly move all around, our sweet Lilly Belle. She has been moving a lot higher now. She used to only move under my belly button towards my pelvis and now I rarely feel her lower, mostly above and right around my belly button (which is terrifyingly close to being flat with my stomach). 

Food Cravings: Jamba Juice & Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Sweet baby girl.

Symptoms: Restless legs at night. Weird sleep patterns.

Looking Forward to: We are now registered for our birthing classes. I'm a little worried because I was too late in registering. I am shocked that I am behind on something like this. That is so not like me. I thought I had tons of time. I went to register last night and found that everything was full. So, our last class is 2 days before I'm 39 weeks. Eek! not come early! I also registered for a Laboring with Confidence class. That one is in July. We are also now registered for our birth center tour at the end of June. I'm so excited for these to start! My "Baby Your Body" class is over now and I made two friends tonight. We're all due within 6 weeks of each other and all with girls. We're going to get together in a few weeks to have a girls day. I can't wait :)

**Appointment went well today. We had it with the other midwife in our practice which I was a little nervous about because I had a bad experience with her on the phone when I was like 10 weeks. She was okay. She wasn't mean or anything. She was quick and to the point. As Matt said when we left, "She was very by the books." To a bit of an annoying fault though. Lillian's heart rate was the same as last time at 146 so that was good. I have to schedule my glucose test in the next couple weeks. I'm not nervous about drinking the stuff, just nervous for 3 blood tests in one day. I hate needles in me. Terrifying (there's another thing to add to my list with grocery stores and many others, Lance! lol). Lillian measured 24.5 weeks today which was good. At our 20 week she was measuring only 19 so she caught up. Good quick appointment today**