Saturday, April 20, 2013

My 25th Birthday: Seabrook, WA Day #1

We are in Seabrook, WA for the 2nd year in a row for my birthday. 

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking :)

DAY 1: Friday, April 19th -- My 25th Birthday!

Once again, Cogsy's love for the beach is making us so happy. Best doggy ever. He loves it here just as much as we do. Arguably, he may love it more.

It was a bit misty when we first arrived yesterday. Hence the hoods :) Thankfully Marie borrowed me a rain jacket so I didn't have to mind the beach in the rain.

We ate lunch at Mill 109 which is the restaurant here in town. Matt saw the water glasses and immediately said, "Here's my phone for a picture of them...I know you want to take one." ; ) I do love mason jars! I almost drank the whole thing of water just because it was fun to drink from the mason jar. I'm sure Lillian appreciated that.

Matt ready for his Chicken Philly Sandwich. Mmm! (Isn't he handsome) ; )

Matt's Lunch.                                                     Chelsea's Lunch.
Cogsy hung out in the car and was so well behaved while we had lunch. Matt snuck this photo of him. All the other cars parked were full of barking dogs. Matt went out during lunch to make sure Cogsy wasn't one of them...he wasn't :) He was just chillin' peacefully waiting. When we came back after lunch he was passed out in the front seat. (Notice: bed all set up for him...he chooses Matt's seat instead. Of course).

This was me most of the day. We decided to chill inside the rest of the night. We mostly watched the news following the arrest of the Boston bomber and played Candy Crush. We also played checkers. Matt bought me a game set for my birthday so we could play while we're here. While we were on our Disney Cruise we played tons of checkers in the lounge. It is one of our favorite memories. He thought we could make new checkers memories here in Seabrook. I love it :)

 Birthday presents from my hubby. Unfortunately we have to take the earrings back because they are dangly and were a bit heavy on my ears and made me look funny (I have huge ears already) Matt agreed and we had a good laugh. When I picked them out we didn't realize that. I was excited he remembered I loved them at Target though :) He's good at that.

I also ate almost an entire bag of donut holes while catching up on my blogs. Cogsy nuzzled into my Lilly filled tummy (which he loves to do because he can hear her heartbeat now) and every now and then would sniff longingly at my donuts :)

Matt made one of my favorite dinners per my request as my birthday dinner. Barbequed Bacon Cheeseburgers & Caesar Salad...complete with a Grapefruit Izze. Yumm-O! (Notice: Matt ate one burger...I ate two. Lilly wanted one.)

My new favorite photo of us :) In our happy place and together. (Well...2nd happy place...Disneyland is #1 of course) ; ) 


  1. I love your new blog theme and your pregnancy photos! I can't believe how fast time is going!!!

  2. Um, did you know they make coffee cup lids that fit on Mason jars? I just saw this the other need one!

  3. Um, did you know they make coffee cup lids that fit on Mason jars? I just saw this the other need one!