Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seabrook, WA 2013 Day #2

We're home now. 

We had an amazing weekend in Seabrook. I'd like to go back tomorrow.

Here are pictures from yesterday (April 20th). The weather was much nicer so we headed to the beach twice and Matt grilled out twice (happy man).

Pretty fitting. Matt chose our house partially because we stayed on Lily Lane. Spelt wrong, but still cool. Now is where  you should prepare yourself for lots of bump pictures. (Sorry but I'm not sorry)

Walk #1 down to the beach. Beautiful day.

Best buds.

Matt and Cogsy ran around the beach, found sticks and walked along the water. Lilly and I chilled against the most perfect log and I read. 

Cogsy got so wore out. He chilled with me on our beach blanket and Matt played on his phone before my hands got too cold so Matt and I played catch with our favorite football. 
*I'm obsessed with this picture, Matt's photography skills are impressive.*

Sneaky photographer husband. 

Matt and I were playing catch with our Vero football and Cogsy didn't even flinch. He was wiped!

This was probably 10 minutes after we walked in the door from our first trip to the beach. This was before lunch time. I didn't let them sleep because I was starving. Matt grilled a steak for himself and had a steak sandwich for lunch and I had a toasted tuna & tomato sandwich. Yum!

Handsome hubby :)

Walk #2 to the beach after lunch. Weather was dry but no sun at this time. Prior to coming down this time we bought Cogsy a toy to play with at the beach and I bought Matt (and Lilly) a surprise in the bookstore while him and Cogsy were walking........

Meet Opie the Octopus! Matt was so so happy! It's the most hilarious kite. When you tug at it, she moves like a jelly fish in the sky. I decided pink was appropriate and made me feel more justifiable to be buying a kite saying it was for Matt and Lilly : ) (It's so Matt's. He was so so happy flying it!) He decided she needed a funny voice and was talking to my belly in "Opie's voice" lol. 

Matt got Opie pretty high! (Pain to reel in...)

We had just reeled Opie in and got done taking the sand picture when all of a sudden BAM super high winds and rain sleeting into our faces. Sideways rain on the beach. With a long.......walk back to our house (well...not long, but up hill). This mama was not happy. My face was dripping and freezing. Soaking wet hair when you're fighting a cold is not fun. Opie got all wet. My new books I bought for Lilly at the bookstore got wet. I was happy when we got home and dry :) 

Matt and I made THE best dinner when we got home. We had been planning it for a while and were so pumped when it all came together the way we planned. 
*Sesame Ginger Grilled Chicken
*Homemade Spring Rolls
*Crab Rangoon
*Asian Salad
Matt had some Margaritaville drink and got drunk because it's the first drink of alcohol he's had this entire pregnancy because he's the best husband ever was hilarious! He kept saying "I am not drunk *pause*.... Oh man, I feel terrible, I am drunk!" and then he would start cracking up. I laughed a lot and did the dishes while he sat and cracked himself up some more lol. Then he realized that I had cleared the whole table and done all the dishes while he was in his crazy little world and felt bad again...then laughed again. It was funny : ) I didn't mind it at all. He deserved a good laugh and I love love love to hear him laugh : ) 

Happy man with his grill and drink in hand : ) We're not going to drink in front of our kids so it was fun to just be silly together. see Matt silly. (Remember, I had chocolate milk) 

I have so many happy memories from this trip. The entire time we were there we listened to Margaritaville Radio on Matt's phone. Jammed to some serious Jimmy Buffet. We did the same thing last year in Seabrook. Love this tradition. Once again, Cogsy was the happiest dog on the planet. 
I soaked it all in. Matt would ask me lots of times, "Whats wrong?" while I'd be quiet. Nothing was ever wrong, I was just soaking in our last trip together alone. Makes me pretty sad. I'm having a super hard time with it so I held onto hugs extra long and laughed extra hard. 

This morning I held onto Matt's hug in the kitchen as we were packing up for a good 3 minutes. He kept laughing and saying, "Okay okay honey!" but I wouldn't let go. I soaked it all in. 

I have a few more pictures of the house and of Cogsy that I'll do in one last post.

Crazy to think that next year for our Seabrook trip, Lilly will be with us and she'll be 8 months old. Her and Cogsy can explore the beach together. Hopefully she'll be crawling and hopefully she won't mind the sand in her little finger fat rolls :) 

Our trip will be different but better in its own ways. 
We will still play Jenga and Checkers. I can still read on the beach. We will definitely still bring Cogsy. We will still jam to Jimmy Buffet while we make new recipes for dinner. And at night when Lilly goes to sleep we can party together : ) I can have drinks next year, too! She is going to drink a mix of formula and breast milk from the beginning anyway : ) 

I'm very thankful we had this birthday present from Mom and Dad L. It was an incredible trip. I told Matt in the car that I feel so good with "us" right now. We needed a break away from our stresses at home. It was perfect! 

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