Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Matt Wins.

Matt wins.
I have had my heart set on cloth diapering. 
It freaked me out knowing all the chemicals that are in disposable diapers and I felt bad thinking about Lilly wearing them knowing what was in them. I loved the soft cozy diapers that we have in her closet right now...

Well...Matt found another solution. And, after seeing them in real life at my friend Casie's house on Monday...Matt wins. No cloth diapering in this house. 

We discovered, Honest Diapers
The cost is the same as the disposable and cloth diapers that we were going to be buying and they are 100% chemical free. And...added bonus...they come in the cutest patterns! 
I do realize "I changed my mind" on something. Almost told Matt we were not going to do this just so that I could prove I was going to do the cloth diapers. But, it's not worth that. 
Matt just did a happy dance jumping and cheering around the living room.
Following the happy dance he said,"Ok now give me some credit for how supportive I was about the cloth diapers!" I'll admit that as well. He was 100% on board and supportive about it.
I researched these tonight and they are great.

For just $80.00/month we will get enough diapers and wipes for a month. 
Here are two of the patterns our Lilly Belle will be sporting around. 
It's a win-win. Mommy's happy knowing our sweet baby will be in plant based chlorine-free diapers (that are adorable), and Daddy's happy knowing he won't have to deal with cloth (he also said he never thought I would have had time...I totally would have had time). Psh. 

We are going to sell the cloth diapers we have now. Thank goodness we only have 3 so far and not any of the supplies or anything for them. 

So, kind of feel like a failure. But, feel good knowing how happy Matt is about these. 
I'm still a good mom. I mean, I'll still be a good mom. 
Cloth diapering was like my one "super power" I had. I just have to remember that I'm going to love this little girl more than anyone ever could. Matt will too, and that is more important than cloth diapering; way more important. 

Now I need to quick call my mom tomorrow morning in hopes that she hasn't bought some of the cloth diaper stuff she said she wanted to buy for us. (oops) 


  1. We have been going back and forth with the two as well, and my mom has TONS of cloth diapers to give me so we decided on that. I have been reading alot about Honest diapers though and thats a great choice as well!! :)

    1. Super tough decision. I have a dance mom with like 15 she was going to give us, too but with running my business and then finding the Honest Diapers I think it will be a good choice in the end. I'm sad that we won't have any pink fluffy butt running around here, but that's okay :) Hope you're feeling well!

  2. I love my cloth but those really are adorable!

    1. : ) I'm sure I would have loved cloth too. I just own my own business through and am going to be working full-time still when she's born. We also tend to do our laundry all at once on the weekends. It would have been a lot of extra work and now that we've made the switch I'm glad I took a step back and realized that now in this time, it's not something realistic for our family. Maybe for our next baby!!! : )

  3. You are going to love the Honest diapers! They are amazing! I found that the monthly bundle that I was sent lasted well over a month for us, so it actually worked out to be less than $80 a month, though we sometimes needed to supplement the wipes, which wasn't bad.

    And, don't worry about changing your mind--it is going to happen a lot when you learn new things or find things that just aren't working for you or Lilly. It is what good parents do--we call it "monitor and adjust" in the classroom. See how things are going, and change as needed!

    1. Thank you, Casie! I feel better now : ) And I'm so glad I saw one in real life at your house! Matt tried showing me them before but I was so stubborn. I'm excited to use them!