Sunday, April 7, 2013


Currently I...

Sunshine, to be skinny again, to be tan...really tan, to hold Lilly Belle (in the sunshine...preferably on a beach) and I really just want a beer. A really cold Bud Light Lime to be specific. 
I also miss being able to fit into my jean cut off shorts. My favorite favorite ones. The ones I wear all summer long with solid colored tank tops. Yep...that's not happening this summer. Boo.

Am Loving:
Feeling Lilly's kicks in my tummy (not the ones on my side/back- those are creepy), Jason Mraz (as always), how big my bump and boobs are getting (not my love handles or hips), that Matt makes me dinner every night and most mornings breakfast too, our glider (fell asleep in it twice already), Jamba Juice and my book "Mindful Birthing". 

Daydream About:
What Lilly will look like, what it's going to be like at Nana & Papa's beach house, summertime, how it's going to feel being even 5 more weeks pregnant than I am now, what it feels like to have give birth (ow--my dad told me, "I don't think that's something you're supposed to think about..."), what life  would be like if we had even just 100 kids at the studio (unfortunately just 40 signed up this quarter...sad), what it will be like at home during the day once when Matt has a job and I often wonder what Lilly will enjoy doing as she grows up...will she like dancing? 

Am listening to: the keys as I type and Matt's pen on the paper as he does his math test at the kitchen table.

Currently I- full from eating too much sushi at Blue C Sushi tonight.

...wish Matt did his test this weekend while I was at work from 7-4 both days and now wish he could play a board game with me. getting bored. wearing my "Cullen's" baseball t-shirt that Matt bought me for my birthday last year in Forks. My belly is hanging out...looks real good with my polka dot pajama boxer shorts.

...wish I had the patience to paint my nails (I always ruin them because I'm too impatient to let them dry) they've been blank for too long. excited about this week because I have the whole week off! Spring Break! excited to go to my friend Casie's tomorrow morning to hang out with her and the kids :) also excited to pick up my breast pump from the store in Seattle tomorrow with Matt (thank you insurance!!)

I think Matt's almost done...gonna go dig through our games!

P.S. I cannot wait until Elle Belle is born so I'll never ever be bored again.
(Ha, 1 year from now I'll be dying to be bored again).

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