Friday, April 12, 2013

Jack & Jill Consignment Sale!

Matt and I woke up around 8am this morning and decided to head to Lynnwood for the Jack & Jill Consignment Sale. I registered for this event as a "New Mom" back in January so I've been pretty excited about it. Matt wasn't ecstatic about it (obviously) but he came along for the ride. 

Whoa baby was it awesome!

(Full new wardrobe of maternity clothes curtesy of Haley's closet which is now all in Chelsea's closet! Love you, Haley!)

This is the second consignment sale we've been to now and we've gotten some amazing steals. 
Today we got 5 pajamas, a jean dress, a swimsuit, 4 headbands & a hoodie one-piece all for $19.71!
I was on a pajama mission because that's one of the things we didn't have very many of for her in size 6 months. We ended up getting two size 6 months and 3 for newborn (only because they were a steal all bundled together for $4.00 and adorable). We do a pretty good job when we're there to not go too crazy and stick to the game plan. 

Pajamas - Check!

She doesn't have a swimsuit yet either and we are going to be starting swimming lessons with her asap and are also going to Disneyland in November so she needed that as well. The one we got her looks like it's never been worn. Score.
Swim Suit - Check! 

The headbands we bought because they're adorable and we want her in headbands all the time. Especially if she's going to be a baldy. How annoying is it when people call girl babies "boys". She has plenty of headbands at home that I've made, but these were so dainty and just $2 for the pack of 4. We threw them in our bag last minute while we were in line.

I am obsessed with babies in jean dresses so when I saw this one and saw it was just $3.00 and Baby Gap, I couldn't help but get it. I can't wait to get her some fun tights to go under it!
Jean Dress - Check!

The hoodie we got because I am taking Lillian to Wisconsin with me the Fri-Sun after Thanksgiving and it's gonna be chilly! It's also size 6 months so it will fit her through winter here too. (Hopefully)
And it has a hood. I mean, really?!
(She'll fit right in at the studio with those ballerina slippers, too.) 

After the sale (which we were at for about and 2 hours), we headed to Alderwood Mall which we had never been to before. Holy awesome! We had yummy teriyaki for lunch and then roamed around for a while. We discovered the kid section at H&M, resisted buying her anymore clothes (or myself from the maternity section) and then we went to the American Girl store. When I was little I was obsessed with American Girl and always wanted to go to Chicago to the store but never did. I had a Felicity doll and was also the leader of my 3rd Grade (self-created) American Girl Club. (You had to have a doll and books to be a member--I was a bossy little kid, surprise-surprise!) Anyway, it was amazing and I can't wait to take Lillian there for lunch like all the time! They have tea parties there, too. Matt said it was way too overwhelming but was definitely on board for me getting her into it all. Yay! We decided we will get her a Bitty Baby as her first doll this Christmas. I want to buy it now, lol. 

I can't wait to take my mom here when she comes in June. I told Matt I hope she will buy me (I mean, Lilly Belle) the Felicity books in there. Ha! I am also waiting for her to come here until I go back to H&M because she won't be able to resist going crazy in there either : ) 

We will definitely be going back to that mall. 

Tonight Matt scrubbed the floors at the studio and we're going to have hot dogs (beddar with cheddar) for dinner, watch a Disney movie and play Candy Crush because we're obsessed. 

I can't wait for the next Jack & Jill Consignment Sale in September. We're going to bring Lilly & Nana with us to the next one, maybe will come Megan too! We can get toys and books for the beach house! 

Happy Weekend! 


  1. What great deals! Sounds like an amazing day. You look so cute in your new maternity outfit!

  2. Love the American Girl store (as I am sure you know!). Claire and Sadie both got Bitty Babies as their first Christmas gift! I think that is so special! Sadie's Bitty Baby is named Grandpa Greg after my dad! You got some cute clothes today, too!

    1. Hehe, that's so cute that Sadie's doll is named Grandpa Greg. I love that girl!! Maybe one day we can all go together with the girls (even Lilly) and their dolls! :)