Saturday, April 13, 2013

Holy Dancing Maniac!

Here we go!

Our spring quarter for dance started this morning at the studio.
I've been working like a crazy woman for the past 3 years trying to grow my business. I cannot believe it will be 3 years in July when I made that phone call and had my first meeting at the Issaquah Community Center. I literally work all the time. I don't have set hours for my office time which means sometimes I work at 7am, sometimes at 3pm and sometimes at 3am! Just whenever I get in my zone that day. 

Spring quarter started today and with that came me getting up super early, heading to Fred Meyer for some office supplies and then opening the studio for our classes. I didn't teach today because I will start my Saturdays at the Community Center on the 27th, but I did talk to all the new families so they would know who I was and got everything all ready. Explained to the parents how we have an outside sitting area now and that they need to stay out there during classes (not a fun conversation), jumped in and taught for the first 15 minutes of class (in my jeans and sweater) when our instructor was running late and then filed about 3 months of papers. I loved it! I love being in the office and just being the owner. Not having to teach, just getting to do the stuff that I love doing. (Not that I don't love teaching--it's just getting super hard--exhausting).

On that note, Monday is the start for me. 
The start of some serious craziness in my schedule.
{these are just the classes that I myself am teaching-we have like 5-6 more that run each day taught by other instructors at other locations we have}

APRIL 15th-JUNE 22nd
(22 weeks pregnant -- 32 weeks pregnant--ow!)
2-3 Creative Movement 10-10:40 (comm. center)
3-5 Creative Movement 11-11:45 (comm. center)

3-5 Ballet/Tap 4:00-4:45 (studio)
Mini Team Technique 5-6 (studio)
Junior Team Technique 6-7:30 (studio)

3-5 Ballet/Tap 11-11:45 (studio)

Preschool 3-3:45
Preschool 3:50-4:35

Boys Hip Hop 6-6:45 (comm. center)

2-3 Creative Movement 10-10:40 (comm. center)
3-5 Creative Movement 11-11:45 (comm. center)

Preschool 3-3:30

4-6 Ballet/Tap 4-4:45 (studio)
---haul ass to the other side of town---
5-8 Hip Hop 5:10-6 (comm. center)
--haul ass back to the studio--
Team Competition Choreography 6:15-??

2-3 Creative Movement 10:30-11:10 (comm. center)

Preschool 3-3:30

4-6 Beg. Ballet (comm. center)
6-8 Musical Theater (comm. center)


2-3 Creative Movement 10-10:40 (comm. center)
3-5 Creative Movement 11-11:45 (comm. center)
5-7 Dance Combo 12-12:45 (comm. center)

---sleep some more---

Look crazy insane? 
It is.

Do I have a choice?

Times are tough over here and tough times call for tough people.
I'm ready to knock this quarter out with my big ole' belly! 
We did not have enough kids register at our studio this quarter (which is a sign that I spent way too much of my energy in the wrong areas...mainly that all I focused solely on was the team, which I do not get paid for...oops...I just love them). Not enough kids at the studio = I need to teach as many classes that my schedule possibly allowed for. If there was a class running and I knew I would be at home during that time usually...I took it over. I felt really sad for my instructors who lost hours, but it will all be okay. 

Lesson learned. 
I got this! 

Also realized that this Fall, nothing from my schedule above will change.
So, Lillian's going to need a nanny. 
And that will be okay. 

I have a super amazing plan for this Fall. 
Goal = 150 kids at the studio / 150 kids at the comm. center
Marketing Plan Includes:
-Birthday Parties
-Free Dance Days
-"Parent's Night Out" babysitting nights (I suckered Matt into this one, too.)
-Flyers at the local Elementary Schools on the boards
-Re-Grand Opening at the studio
-Me teaching all the classes again (well as many as my schedule allows)

I'll get time with Lillian. The time I do get with her will be my favorite. 
We may have to have a nanny here like 2-3 days/week and I'll pop into the house when I can. 

I got this.
Matt thinks its a far reach...I say...makes me want it more. 

We started Emerald City Dance with the thought on a spreadsheet hoping for 25 kids.
First quarter, had 95.
When I put my heart and mind to something, I make it happen.

Hopefully my passion for dance and for teaching these kids will be the trick. 
I'm pumped for this quarter. I don't know that I've ever been more excited about a quarter.
Maybe because I know it's my last where it's just myself I have to worry about.
I can just dance and enjoy every second of it.

Wish me luck!!

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