Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy first day of Fall. (My favorite). Matt and I had a super fun night. We really want to be involved in our community. We know we will be here for, well...a long time. Our future children will most likely grow up here. My family was always and still is very involved in our community and I hope for us to do the same for our family. So far, we're doing well. Last weekend I volunteered for a bike race with my friend, Katie. Tonight, Matt and I chaperoned our first middle school dance! It was a blast. The Community Center was a jungle; brought back some funny memories. Matt and I got such a kick out of these kids. A few boys from my Hip Hop classes were there and very excited to show me how they've been practicing. "Hey,  Miss Chelsea!! Watch this!!" (lots of that). Very cute. We decided that this is something we will try to do for all of their dances. Our kids are going to love us! ; ) I loved seeing Matt there with me knowing he is my husband and that he actually was enjoying himself. He's everything I've ever wanted in a husband and more. He's going to rock at being a dad (one day a long time from now.)

Look how awesome we look in our volunteer shirts! 

Me, Katie & "Baby M"
Pretty soooonn.
(sorry for the wierd lighting, strobe lights will do that to a picture)

Earlier in the day I baked cookies trying a new cookie recipe for Oatmeal M&M Cookies. Katie's parents gave us tickets to the UW-Cal game tomorrow and I wanted to thank them :) We are so excited for tomorrow. Katie snuck a cookie and loved them, Yay!! 


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