Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Honeymoon Pt. 2

We have now been home for a full day and even though we were both working all day playing catch up, compared to the craziness that was last month, we still feel like we're on our honeymoon! Here are the rest of the pictures and fun stories from our honeymoon!

On our first day there we had a great time exploring The Village, eating yummy food and best part of all....getting our bikes!

I loved all the little shops in The Vilage. They have an awesome book store and Matt let me stay in there for a long time. I bought a journal so that I could make sure I remember all of our wedding and honeymoon memories. I also wanted to start one fresh now that we're married. We also bought matching Sunriver hoodies! For lunch we ate at The Village Bar and Grill. Matt loved his Philly Cheese Steak and I my Praline Pecan Apple Salad. Yummmm...

After exploring The Village, it was time to explore the rest of our beautiful honeymoon location. We had a blast riding our bikes all around the resort, our legs were killing us by the end of each day. We didn't mind though, it was so much fun!

Day #2 we were up and ready to go on our 6 mile canoe ride down the Deschutes River. We had been canoeing together once before when we lived in Florida and it didn't go so well...this time was another story. We worked great as a team and enjoyed every second of the ride...well, almost every second. Matt had a minute (felt like 10) of freaking out and screaming at me because a bee was flying around our canoe. All I remember was him screaming and telling me "ROW..GO..CHELSEA..GO!" I rowed my little arms as fast as I could while trying to not be mad at him for screaming at me. He apologized immediately and from then on we didn't go near the edge of the river by the grass :) It is a really funny memory looking back now. The entire ride was beautiful and there was so much to look at. I had a fun time teasing Matt about jumping in. He's really afraid of open water and didn't want to even think about me swimming in the river (I learned how to swim in a lake). Every time I would see cool things in the water or point out how shallow we were or how I was running my hand in the seaweed he would freak out. It's really funny to think about now. Here are some of our canoeing pictures! Definitely one of our favorite honeymoon memories. It took almost 2 hours so it was a big part of our day and memory. It was neat to be on a river with no one around us feeling like we were the only two in the world. 

I am again distracted from this blog, so we are going to be continued again... I'll get through our honeymoon eventually. I'm enjoying dragging out the memories :)

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