Friday, September 30, 2011

{Good Stuff}

Today was a wonderful day. I had my adorable nanny girls this morning and early afternoon. Sophie (3) was feeling a little under the weather but she was a trooper all morning as we shopped for recital costumes, went to Toddler Time at the Community Center and then both got very excited about a yard sale on the way home. Paige (5 mo.) just wanted to sleep, poor baby. I brought the girls over to our house and Sophie curled up on the couch with MY blanket and MY pillow (it was a big deal) and watched "Up" because her tummy hurt. Paige fell asleep in my arms and I loved it! 

{*sigh* sleeping in your arms babies, not very many things better than that -in my opinion-}
Isn't she ADORABLE?!

When I got home and checked my email I had a nice surprise in my inbox...some 'sneak peak' wedding photos. There were 6 and only 1 of them we didn't like {Matt had creepy eyes lol}. Here are the others...I'm in love with them. I am now so incredibly anxious to see the rest...4-6 more weeks. The anticipation is killing me. We've been married for 4 weeks already. I feel like September went both fast and slow. Fast in that I can't believe how far along in my new dance quarter I am and slow in that our wedding feels like so long ago already. Sunriver too :( Being newlyweds is still a blast. Ok, I'm blabbing as usual. Here are the photos...

This time we had away all to ourselves {with our photographer} was so needed. I'm so happy we had this time together to get these shots by the beautiful willow tree. 

I love this.

These next two photos are the whole reason I wanted to get married at the Pickering Barn. Seeing other wedding photos here at this barn wall completely won me over. I love how simple it is, yet so perfect. *sigh* 

I hope you liked them :) More to come...get know I'll be all over blogging them.

A few more exciting things happened this week. Well, exciting for us at least. 
We ordered from Amazon Fresh for the first time. Now that our apartment has a front door accessible from the outside, we are able to use this service. It was so nice because we got to see how much we were spending and stayed $12 under budget. I got all my recipes out in front of me for the week and just plugged it all in. I imagine this service being helpful in the future as well when we have kids and an even more crazy life. We ordered it at 7:30pm and when we woke up at 6am the next morning it was already at our door. Love. They even gave us Tulips which now look beautiful on our kitchen table :) I wonder if that was just a first time thing?? We'll see on Tuesday... I was super excited about it so of course, took some pictures. Everything stayed super cold from their insulated bags...perfect.

I apologize for this super long blog post, but I just have a lot to write about and Matt is playing Grand Theft Auto while unwinding from work {I'm loving listening to this language...not!} 

This week I tried three new recipes and would make all of them again..delicious. My favorite of the three were the Pumpkin Spice Pancakes that I made tonight for our "Breakfast for Dinner" night. Pumpkin Pancakes are my favorite and every year when they come out at iHop we go right away for me to get some. The first time I had them was on our trip to Vero Beach, FL. more iHop for me! They were better!! That's right...better! I'm so proud. I am starting to really feel like I'm a good cook. It feels good. Here are the recipes I made. Matt loved #1 and #2, not so much the Pumpkin Pancakes {he hates pumpkin}. I am loving Pinterest for finding new meals. I also am making a few from our new wedding cookbooks this week. {mmmm.....!!}

{sadly, no photo from this computers being lame}

Ok, I'm done. Salmon Days tomorrow!

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