Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family Day with the L's - Marie's Birthday -

Life is now back to normal. In a great way. We are falling back into our routine but just with an extra oomph! Less stress and more love. Today we celebrated Mom L's birthday and got to see everyone, it was wonderful. Clare was hilarious and was pretty entertaining during lunch. I loved getting to play with her so much today. While we were waiting (a very long time) for our lunch, I took Clare outside because she was getting antsy. We sang rainy day songs while we stuck our tongues out catching rain drops and she was just so funny! She loved people hopping when we were all done eating; too cute. 

My silly husband.

The Birthday Girl (Nana) with Clarebear getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"

While people hopping, Clare got some fun time with Mary Beth. I love this picture :)

When we got back to the house we played games and of course had cake and ice cream (yum). Then Megan stopped over with the babies! 

I love that Matt likes to be with them. He asked to hold Caitlin and she was sooo happy. I even got her giggling; I loved it. 
(Look at Matt's face, such a good Uncle Matty.)

And then of course, I took her back before giving Nana some baby time ; ) I love, love, love being an auntie! It's official now too. Caitlin seems happy with that too!

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