Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Withdrawls

Everyone warned me about this..."after the wedding is over you're not going to know what to do with  yourself." I never thought it would happen to me. By the time our wedding actually arrived I was feeling pretty frustrated and stressed out with all the "things" for it. But now, is beginning. Wedding Withdrawls. I feel bored because we are so stress free. It's a good bored, but when I'm bored...I plan. Dun dun dunnnnn. When I'm bored you'll find me on websites like Redfin, no good. (No people, not Thebump, I have refrained). Planning the wedding and making everything was so much fun, I got to do two things I love doing -- planning and being craftsy. Here are some pictures I took before our wedding of things I made, bought and did.

                            We hung these from the gazebo above where we said our vows. 
                                          I painted them and Matt drilled the holes

I loved writing out our placecards...especially mine. My 11 year old sister Cylie put all the pearls on.

Our programs took me forever. I know it doesn't look like it, but creating-printing-cutting-clueing and tying 150 of these took a long time.

These were what we used as table numbers. Our favorite places in Florida...(which I am also having withdrawls for...Florida).

We had a lemonade stand and I made labels for the dispensers with the same paper used for our placecards and programs. The burlap and lace board in the back was our guestbook. We had guests write on cards and tack them to the board, they are now hanging in our room.

This is my garter. I bought it on Etsy. It is actually made from something old, something new, something borrowed and of I had my own old, new and borrowed, but this was my blue.

Lemonade labels...only thing I'm sad about from our wedding...I never, not once, saw the lemonade stand. I saw it in a picture, but that's it. I was too busy and completely forgot. I never even headed over that way. Were there backyard games set up? I don't even know...I saw guests with yellow cups...and I know it was there. That's all that matters. (Matt gets full credit for our lemonade stand idea).

We got a bunch of frames from Matt's grandma complete with some interesting pictures. For our wedding I took the pictures out and painted the frames. The idea was to have guests take pictures with their families in never happened. But, I still worked hard on the idea, so here it is :)

The wash bins were our ice buckets.

I am still in LOVE with our wedding and even more in LOVE everyday with my husband. Everything was exactly the way I had been picturing it every day for 2 1/4 years. Our long engagement was worth it. I was the happiest I've ever been in my whole life that day. I am still so so happy and it's almost 2 weeks later. Matt and I are having such a great time feeling normal. We are enjoying each others company a lot more as well, now that we're both not so stressed about "The Wedding". It's the best being newlyweds. I wonder how long this bliss lasts...I'm hoping forever! 

If, that ultimate bliss does ever start to fade...we'll just take a trip on down to Sunriver to remember and feel it all over again! 


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