Monday, September 26, 2011

Pig Luck 2011

Matt and I had a great day with Mel and Clint over in his neck of the woods...literally. His Dad and Stepmom's home is so beautiful and it was neat to learn that Clint built it with his Dad (good to know, huh Mel!) They live on a crazy amount of land with a barn (which reminded me some of our wedding because of the hanging lights) and even some animals....alive and --sad little piggy-- dead. We also got to go over to Clint's house to hang out with them for a while and it was great to finally see where he lives and to know where, in less than a year now, Mel will live as well :) It was also fun to meet Cogsy Wogsy's cousin, Chloe! I think her paws may be as big as his head? It's going to be so fun when they get to play. As soon as Cogsy is over his terrible Kennel Cough we'll for sure set up their play date. 

Check out this awesome bathroom sink. Such a cool idea to install the sink on to a table like this. 

The happy couple : ) We can't wait for their wedding!

My husband is a stud. Just sayin'...

It was fun seeing the animals, I kept saying that our niece Clare would love it there!

At my Aunt Julie's farm in Minnesota, Matt and I got a picture with a we definitely needed one with the pig.

I felt so sad for the piggy. If he only knew we were eating his so sad.

Then we got to meet Miss Chloe! She is like a big cuddly Cogsy. Instead of reading her expression through her eyes and eyebrows like Cogsy she moves her ears cute! They will definitely be the best of cousins. I loved her :)

We had a wonderful day, and...I got Mel hooked on Pinterest. My new found love. The boys went to get pizza and we sat next to each other on the boys iPads in silence just mesmerized by our Pinterests lol.  Good day.


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