Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Honeymoon Pt. 1

Matt and I just got home from our honeymoon and could not feel more happy or relaxed than we feel right now. We have so much to look forward to now and so many incredible memories from our honeymoon as well as our wedding day. It feels so amazing to know that our wedding is now behind us and that we are in the beginning of our marriage. We're newlyweds and loving every second. I will blog more about our wedding when we get our photos from our photographer. Our honeymoon is so fresh in my mind right now and I want to share that before I forget the fun details (my short term memory is terrible).

Here are photos from the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night, Cedarbrook Lodge. It is a beautiful hotel tucked away in the loveliness that is SeaTac. We couldn't believe how peaceful our hotel was and how in a matter of seconds you go from the city to feeling like you're in the middle of nowhere. Our hotel room was a suite tucked away at the end of the hallway in a seperate building. We walked in a couldn't believe that our hotel room was almost as big as our apartment! We got free ice cream at night and a delicious breakfast in the morning. Here are a few photos...

It was then time for us to leave...when we got out to the car, this is what we found! (Thanks Mom Lanese!)

Then it was time to hit the road :) After a short pit stop at home and dropping off Matt's tux we were headed to Sunriver, OR for our honeymoon! The drive down was so pretty. Unfortunately by the time we got to the really pretty stuff it was dark, but we got that on the way home. Matt loved the road trip and I tried (I get super sleepy on long car rides and we forgot my Kindle). 
Here is an awesome photo we got of Mt. Hood!

We got to Sunriver at around 10pm, stopped at the lodge to check in, then got to see our house for the first time and popped in a movie. 3 Paper Birch Ln. was perfect and we plan to visit each year on (or around) our anniversary weekend. One day we'll need a bigger house but for now it's great.  I hope for a few more years there alone ; ) It's SO relaxing. 

to be continued...

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