Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Bears!

Matt and I are so thankful for the UW-Cal football game tickets that were given to us by our friend's parents. I had a blast at my first football game. Yes, there were a few parts that were not enjoyable for me (I'll get there later), but overall I had fun. I understood what was going on (no joke). It was a beautiful day and my husband was having a blast. We were sitting in a sea of purple (in amazing seats) and stuck out like a sore thumb. Some fans were friendly, some...not so much. Thankfully, the man sitting next to me was a good sport (he had a terrible mouth during the game though...that was one of my not so fun parts.) That and almost getting elbowed in the face by him after every play. Matt and I agreed that a woman and her husband behind us were the loudest people we have ever come across and that it is not fun sitting next to immature high school boys who say things like "what now b****" in your face. (My glare shut that down pretty quick lol and Matt was proud for keeping his cool with them.) 

Walking out into the living room this morning sporting my Cal t-shirt (courtesy of my sister-in-law), I don't think I've ever seen my husband look so proud lol. His wife in a Cal shirt, what could be better?

I felt super uncomfortable walking into the game. I just wasn't used to all the poor sportsmanship. It was like everyone there turned into a jungle animal. All rules of civilization and social skills were thrown out the window and everyone turned into wild, screaming monkeys or something. The man behind us made a very strange monkey sounding noise during the whole game and the jungle thing was all I could think of to describe being there lol. (I loved being at the game, and hope to go again. It just took a lot of getting used to and remembering that take away my Cal shirt and these people would be super nice to me).

I kept singing,
"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong." -Sesame Street
It bothered me (see above photo) until Matt told me to chill out lol and he just thought it was funny. He wore his blue and gold proudly! He threw out a "Go Bears" whenever he got the chance and I just tried to give a friendly smile as in saying (please don't stab me) whenever I had the chance.

Lots of terrible sportsmanship, you know, regular stupid sports guy comments --"Go back to California", (In which I replied I've never even been, I'm wearing this for my husband!" I kept remembering back to being in soccer when I was little and you would high five at the end of the they do that here in the Pacific Northwest? I don't think so! I kept asking Matt if I could just go and buy a UW shirt. People did NOT stop staring, it was awkward. But, in honor of my husband and our family, I stuck it out. I did it. : ) I stood in the sea of purple and did my best to ignore everyone. Once we got to our seats I started to really have fun! I liked the band and got really really excited when I actually understood something that happened and cheered in the correct way! I've never been to a college football game and it was everything I wanted it to be. Loud, crazy fans, good energy, passionate people (to put it nicely), and a good band with awesome formations, Oh yeah...and a good football game! (We lost, but it was good). What's most was for Matt and he loved it! Every second. That was the best part for me.

This photo has not been zoomed in or edited. This was our view and our day. Perfect. Thank you, Bill and Libby!!

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