Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a nice, relaxing weekend. Friday night we did absolutely nothing, which is sometimes a good thing. I get a little bored on days like that...that's when I go to town with our apartment and crafts. My projects on Friday were our fireplace mantel, our gallery wall and also creating a framed chalkboard. I'm so excited about the way all three projects have turned out. Here is our new chalkboard. I love it because I've wanted to make one for a really long time. It is also special because it used to be a framed painting that belonged to Matt's grandma who just passed away. It is now something we will enjoy for a long long time. Here is the first board...

I'll post mantel and gallery wall photos tomorrow when there is better lighting to take pictures. 
It's really starting to feel like a home here. We love, love, love this apartment and are really hoping our rent doesn't go up too much at the end of our lease. We really want to stay here for as long as we can. Matt gave me the ok today to go ahead and paint some more because we want to definitely stay here longer. {I have so much up my sleeve for this'll see!}

On Saturday we woke up and headed over to meet Katie and Chris to ride with them to Salmon Days. I love Salmon Days and was so excited to finally get to watch the parade this year. We had a great time with them and met some of Katie's childhood friends. We didn't end up staying to walk around but we did head over to the Issaquah Farmer's Market with them followed by Lowe's. 
Here are some awesome parade photos : ) 

My husband, a parade, friends & hot chocolate...what could be better?

I'm this a Disney parade?? {float driver}

Radio Disney!

Perfect "Small town feeling" parade!

These are my amazing $5.00 flowers from the market. I saw a woman in line with them and I asked the man to make me the same..I can't believe it was just $5.00...they are beautiful and full! {love}

After the parade and market we headed over to get a storage unit to share with Katie and Chris. I am so excited to get all of our stuff out of our office and in there. We were going to do it today and just didn't get around to it. Tomorrow maybe??

At night we all headed our own ways for a bit and then Katie and I met back up and had dinner at Cucina Cucina in Issaquah. Yummmm! Linguini and Meatballs...sooo good! Then I had a tummy ache so just headed home instead of watching a movie after : ( 

Today was again super chill. I am loving this weather right now and Matt is loving his football. I finished our fall wreath today. I want to hang it tomorrow and then I'll post pictures of that as well. Now BLTA's and Sweet Potato Fries for dinner...mmmmmm!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

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