Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Very Own Marley & Other News

I finally took pictures of our fall wreath for you to see. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it was a lot of fun to make. I feel really proud when we come home, our door actually looks welcoming, it really "feels like home." 

Matt got sick on Sunday and still isn't feeling 100%. It's sad when he's sick :( He's such a good husband and I always feel so bad because he always get sick through me. I catch all the stuff from holding snotty and drooled on hands with my dance kids and then I'm so immune it goes right through me and onto Matt. Happens every year. 
Cogsy has been happy about it because it just means more cuddle time with Matt. We had a cozy 'don't get out of your pajamas' day on Sunday and Cogsy liked loved it! He watched "Marley & Me" with me snuggled on the bed. No really...he actually watched it...

{Mommy, this movie is a little bit sad}

{But I really really like it}

{Yes, I like it so much I will watch the entire movie with you just like this}
And...he did. No lie. He didn't move and watched it. He really helps fill the baby void that likes to sneak up on me lol. Who needs a baby when you've got an amazing dog like Cogsy? At least for now : ) 

I got some good news today, my dance program may be expanding even more...I just got a phone call tonight through, so we'll see. I'm not going to write more than that until I know it's actually going to happen. I am so excited though and can't believe how incredible these past 13 months have been. I also hired another teacher this week. So next quarter with me, we'll have 4 teachers! Awesome! 

We're getting excited for our 'First Annual Pumpkin Carving Fall Feast Family Fun Day' this Saturday. I'm sad that more of our friends won't be able to make it, but I know it will be tons of fun. Some friends are popping in here and there so that's nice. I hope everyone likes Slow Cooked Chicken Chili with rolls and cornbread {that's what we're having for dinner}. Chili, low in the bean department {Matt doesn't like hates, beans }. 

Tried 2 new recipes this week so far.

#1 Banana Muffins {they were gone pretty fast}


#2 Stuffed Shells {it was actually the same recipe that Megan makes that I love but I found it on Pinterest} Matt devoured them and Sophie {nanny kid} loved them for lunch today. Awesome.

That's all for now. Going to go read "The Help" now. It's sooo good! I definitely recommend it. 

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