Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making Our Apartment Our HOME

Now that everything wedding is feeling long gone, we are working on making our apartment feel a lot more like our home. {The things Matt has been working on are the big things we're saving for --couch, entertainment center, etc.} I am having a lot of fun spending my time on this project. I need something to work on always and this is so rewarding. I am feeling so proud of where we live and am completely 100% happy with our place. Cogsworth had an accident on our curtains {that I loved} and Matt tried to be super helpful by washing [and drying] them before I got home...I came home to beautiful teal blue shrunken curtains lol. We took them down and I'm going to work on making them into pillow covers for our couch. So, yesterday I took my nanny girls on a trip to Target and we bought new curtains. This time, just white. 

Our fireplace is almost complete. When our wedding pictures are all done, it will be perfect! Here is how it looks now. {Like our little trick-or-treater?}

Here is how that whole wall looks right now with our gallery wall {my favorite}
We still need a nice buffet table to go on that wall.

I have pictures now of our second chalkboard! I hung it up in our hallway to our kitchen right next to our laundry room {closet}. I am in love. Matt loves it too : ) I still want to paint the frame. We're not fans of gold, but until I am for sure on the color we're going to leave it.

This is the extent of excitement around here lol. Ooo I also hung white valances up in our kitchen nook. I usually don't like valances, but we barely get any light on that side of our apartment as it is so, I did it. They're cute with the yellow walls and Disneyland art everywhere. But yeah, like I said...exciting stuff.
As soon as my name is done getting changed I can get my enhanced drivers license and we're going to have a weekend getaway in Vancouver. I hear theres good shopping there!! 

Time to go coach. Just about 1 more week until our Halloween Party...can't wait!

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  1. I love your chalkboards! It's nice to see another newlywed crafter who blogs! And of course our husbands love our crafting ideas ;)