Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday!

I think that from now on every Monday morning I'm going to blog about something happy. Monday mornings should be happy, I have a lot to be thankful for in my work week. In just 2 hours I'll be teaching a bunch of cuties how to dance (2-3 year olds), it's the best. I have to remember that when I wake up. I'm lucky my job is so much fun!

Okay, I had a bad day yesterday and Matt and I made a deal that today I would wake up, punch through whatever was making me feel yucky {we call this feeling I get sometimes "the yuck", it had me all day yesterday}, make a cup of coffee and read my blogs before getting ready for work. So, this morning, the alarm went off. First thought, fml. Second thought, my life rocks and I have to get up now. I did it! {I'm not a morning person} I made my pot of coffee, and then.....checked my blogs. Guess what!?!

I won my first Blog Giveaway! A set of 3 Vera Bradley items!! I never win anything. Best way to wake up on a Monday morning to find out I have 3 Vera items coming my way. For those who know me personally, everyone knows I am obsessed with Vera. Matt thinks I'm nuts that I like that name for our kids one day lol. Anyways,  thank you so so much, Melissa Rose! You made my day : )

{this is the photo from Melissa Rose's blog}
I have the Vera reading glasses in this pattern...I don't need reading glasses but they were too cute lol.

 Here is a link to her blog, she is doing another giveaway this Friday : ) 

Happy Monday, everyone! Count your blessings today and punch through anything that tries to get in your way, that's what we're going to be doing today. So far, it's working. 

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