Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh, Hello November!

Matt and I woke up early and with coffee again today. When I say early I mean 7:30am. Last night before we went to bed Matt made a comment about being glad we don't have kids yet because we both love our sleep. It's basically my only fear of having children...I'm not fun when I don't get sleep. Oh well, we have time to figure that out. Lots. As we were making our coffee we both agreed that it felt like someone was playing a trick on us because it was so dark, looked more like 10:30pm instead of 7:30am. Hi November!

Our Halloween wasn't quite as eventful as I wish we could say it was, but we did have a great day!
My morning looked like this...

Lots and lots of tutus and classes were extra fun yesterday because some of the kids had their Halloween costumes on. We had two Tinkerbells! {The kids thought that was a big deal}

My afternoon class was interesting {only 3 kids showed up} and exciting! My program is so close to growing even more. Emerald City Dance is one of three programs being looked at right now by a local school to teach a class once/week for their after school program. Teaching one class/week may seem like not that big of a deal, but the way the pay works out makes it way worth while and would help Matt and I a lot with our future home savings fund. Having this addition to our program would allow us to put around $5,000/year straight into savings and just pretend we don't even have it. We're crossing our fingers. The woman who came to observe my class yesterday loved it and said we're their top choice right now...I sure hope so! 

I want a house so badly and most days that feels like something that will never ever happen because the cost of living is so high where we live. {Yes I realize it could be worse, but I also realize it could be better} Super frustrating. Step one, no debt. Step two, save. Step three, graduate. Step four, house. 

Last night we were proud of ourselves, we went to the gym! 

Long, Funny Story Below...{sorry for the length}

After the gym we decided to get into the Halloween spirit! We went to our local Haunted House/Trail! It was actually pretty scary, well to me. I was basically glued to Matt for 45 minutes while we took this walk through the woods with psycho clowns and creepers. I almost punched someone approximately 10x's and also almost punched a horse, ha.
 {When I'm scared, I'm a puncher, so don't scare me} 
To explain the horse...they had headless horsemen walking on the trail. Pretty cool touch. As we were waiting in a line in the middle of the trail to walk through a terribly scary house I began to psych myself out before entering. There were about 10 couples ahead of us and they were only letting everyone in one couple at a time. While we were waiting I felt my eyes begin to tear up because I was certain I was going to die. {My huge fear of haunted houses is that I'm going to really get hurt and no one is going to believe me and think I'm part of the show} So anyways...we're waiting in line, I'm beginning to cry and Matt's trying to tell me to chill out and what do I feel. This HUGE thing bumping into my back. As I turned around the yell at one of the psycho clown creeper monsters "You can't touch me or I'll punch you and get security" {that was my line all night when they got to close lol} A HORSE was pushing me, literally. The stupid headless horseman didn't realize how close he was and the horse was literally nudging me. We just recently went to my soon-to-be brother-in-laws farm and I wouldn't even get close to touch the horses, now one a haunted one was as I felt, attacking me, ha!  I was a spaz the entire trail and almost had a panic attack twice as we had to find our way through dark tunnels where Matt made it worse by saying "Ok, honey, I'm not trying to freak you out because I know this how clausterphobic you are, but...I think I can't find our way out" Oh man..I can't breath just thinking about how I felt in that moment, I started hyperventelating and screaming "I CAN'T BREATH" as a monster {so nice} got in my face and pointed the way out. I almost cried thank you to him!
HAHA I'm actually laughing out loud realizing how redic I get when we do things like this. Matt loves every second of me freaking out thinking it is so funny...I'm glad someone had a good time lol.

I told Matt I'd prefer if we didn't go next year...he just laughed.

Anyways, I'm glad that's over with and I hope you got a good laugh, especially if you know me in real life and can probably totally picture that story and me freaking out. 

Now I'm starting to get super excited for Christmas.
Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I am SO glad that someone else has the same weird fear of haunted houses as I do-I am always scared that I will really get hurt and no one will believe me because everyone is screaming anyways!