Friday, November 18, 2011

National Adoption Day - Cirrah Edition

I can't believe what a beautiful little ladies my baby sisters are turning out to be. I also can't believe they are already. I wrote in my previous post what I could remember about Cylie being adopted and about her baby it's Cirrah's turn!

Cirrah Emani
(pronounced Keira)
July 18, 2002
My age: 14 years old

{me holding Cirrah before a dance performance, Cody's holding Cylie}

I don't remember meeting Megan (Cirrah's birth mom), but I do have tons of memories with her after Cirrah was born. I remember my mom being gone for what felt like a really long time when Cirrah was born. I remember driving to the hotel to meet her. I remember she was born with tons of hair...everywhere...especially her arms lol. Megan must have had some crazy heartburn, poor Megan. All of my families adoptions are extremely open. Megan used to spend weekends with us when I was in high school, she was too, it was like having a big sister. A big sister who gave birth to your little sister...okay that sounds weird lol. Megan, if you're reading this...I love you so so much and love Cirrah more than I could ever describe. Oh boy, now I'm crying. Cirrah has be the most special gift in my life. She has taught me so much in her 9 years here. 

Cirrah, or Cirramani as we call her, has Autism and Child Bi-Polar. We don't say "Cirrah's Autistic and BiPolar", she's not...those are just things she has. Like I have green eyes. They are not who she is. Cirrah is funny and kind and one of the happiest little girls I've ever met, she's not Autistic, she just has Autism. When Cirrah was a baby, she cried...a lot! Like non-stop. It took my parents a long time to figure out what was going on. According to my memory Cirrah was about a year old when she began having outrageous temper tantrums where she would pull her hair (out) and began pulling her ears (off). It was scary. She had to wear little baby mittens and we had to cut her hair. Once she was old enough to answer more questions it was more apparent what was going on and how to work with it and how to make the days more bearable for her...and my parents...and us kids. 

{Kaylin-my cousin, Cirrah & the Pink Ranger, aka me}
This is one of my favorite memories with Cirrah. It was her first day visiting me while I worked at Walt Disney World and this was my first Power Ranger set. She wasn't quite sure what to think about the characters and then once she knew it was me, she was even more freaked out. After I gave in and talked to her through my helmet she calmed down and had fun! We let her in the Power Ranger car and she was just glowing. It is an amazing memory. Our little tomboy. 

The love I have for Cirrah is completely different than my love for Cylie or my love for Caleb. Not more, not less, just different. As an adult, I think about Cirrah a lot. Any time she talks to me on the phone is the best. She always says she can't hear me (I know she can) and hands the phone off. Cirrah has the best reactions when I come home, seeing her jump up and down flapping in excitement is the best! When Matt talks to her on the phone she jumps.  I always hear my mom say in the background, "She's jumping!" :) 

Sometimes I feel like we all have a little Cirrah in us. And that's awesome.

{Cirrah made Matt a card for Christmas last year. It says "I love you. Jesus is born." She made my dad come into the classroom to pick her up on the day she made it so it wouldn't get squished in her backpack so she could give it to Matt nice and neat. She was so proud and Matt gave her the best hug. She loves him so much!}

I love her so so much. I feel like I just wrote a lot about the hard times with her, but there are so many more good. She is so full of light and joy. Cirrah has the most beautiful smile. It's so full and genuine. I know that when she's older she find a way to get through all of this. I also hope that she continues her relationship with her "boyfriend, Nathan" through her whole life lol. He calls her sweatheart and says "yes dear!" haha...they're pretty funny together. Cirrah has so many friends and on purpose couldn't hurt a fly. I miss her everyday and can't wait for the summer when she can stay with us too!! Love you, Mani! 

Never stop baking. Your the best little baker I know!


  1. What a great thing to celebrate!
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