Saturday, November 5, 2011

Food and Thanks

Last night when Matt got home from work (he works in the city at the office on Friday's), we made Calzones together for dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest {surprise, surprise}. I didn't use their exact recipe, we made it our own and used the basic idea. I was in one of my "yuck" moods so Matt decided to be silly to cheer me up. It worked for a good hour, then the yuck came back. 
{The Yuck=feeling sad about absolutely nothing and once it arrives it is nearly impossible to get rid of unless I just go to sleep. It usually just happens when I'm super tired or stressed. Got to figure it out.} Anyways...
So, while Matt was being silly and doing everything he could to make me smile...we played "Cooking With Chelsea Kay" haha (his idea). Matt was my guest on the show for the day. 
Ok, I'm not kidding here...we actually pretended I was the host of a cooking show and Matt would say things like "Oh wow, so just three easy steps and you've got a calzone?!" I did the commentary the whole way through making them lol. We were even saying funny things like "Now this is a great recipe to make with the whole family, the kids will love it. Do try this at home everyone!" 
This is exactly why I love my husband. We are 23 and 25 years old, playing Cooking Show on a Friday night. I love him so much!

Here are the pictures of our calzones, they really were so much fun to make and tasted SO good.

{after you roll out your dough, we used Trader Joe's $1.29 dough, you fill the middle and cut the sides with a kitchen shears before wrapping like a mummy}

It was cool because we each made one and filled them with the pizza fillings we like. Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, cheese, pepperoni...

We each only ate half of our calzone so now there is more today! Yum.

Being that it is November, I'd like to say that I am so thankful for my husband. Without Matt, I'd probably feel "the yuck" everyday. He always knows how to cheer me up and make me smile. Sometimes when I know he thinks he soooo funny I try to not give in and act like it doesn't work...that never lasts long. He knows all he has to do is turn on music and start dancing all around our apartment and I'll burst lol. He is my FMA {Funniest Man Alive}...he calls himself this :)

Time to go teach now. Yes, it's Saturday. I have 3 morning classes on Saturdays so that parents who work during the week and can't get their 2 year olds in during the day can have the chance to go to dance class. In the morning on Saturdays I never feel like going, but then once I get there and see the first little cutie in a tutu I brighten up that second. I love my job.
{I'm thankful for that as well.}

Have a good weekend everyone. More cooking and baking today, theres a big game on today and Matt has already warned me that I'll basically be on my own today...great. 
*Note to "The Yuck" -- you better leave me alone today! My husband will be in the zone.


  1. Finally Someone who knows the "yuck" feeling! Seriously, I have never met anyone who feels that way sometimes..I get that too. And it really is yucky isnt it? Its like everything around you goes gray and you get such a sad depresed feeling...for nothing! I hate it. I havnt gotten it in a while, but it makes itself apparant whenever it wants. I ususally plead for it to go away. My hubby and I would really get along with you guys. Were the exact same age, sounds like our hubbies are close to the same, and im sorry you feel that feeling too at times!! November is going to be a great months : ) Thanks for sharing this, cause I serisouly can relate. And even though im sad you get that, im relieved im not the only one. Have a splendid day Chels!

  2. Mindee! That made me want to cry. I am now too so happy to hear someone feels the same, {not happy you have it}. It really is such a strange thing. I think at times I should talk to someone to see if I'm depressed but then I have such happy days and good times that I decide "nah, I'm fine!". I don't know. When I explain "the yuck" to Matt through my tears I too plead for it to just go away and cry "it won't leave!" It sucks :( Does your feel like dark inside you? That's the only way I can explain it to Matt, that there is just a dark fill in me. "The Yuck!" I love reading your blog and it would be so neat if we could meet one day : ) I didn't realize you guys were our same age too. Have a good day today! It's sunny here! I hope it is by you too :)

  3. I have been dying to try that recipe off of pinterest! As far as that "yuck" feeling goes, I get the same thing. All of a sudden I just snap and my mood sucks and I cannot pick myself up out of it! But my hubby always knows what to do and how goofy to be to make me happy....although it can take ALL day sometimes!

  4. Oh man, mine can take all day sometimes too. Sometimes I wake up with "the yuck". You should totally make the calzones, so fun and yummy :)