Thursday, November 10, 2011


Making friends here has been one of the hardest things since moving here. In my life, I've always had friends. Being on a dance team from 4-12th grade always surrounded me with at least 20. Then working at Disney, everyone is like one big family all poor and homesick together. Then...we moved here. 

I always have my sister-in-laws and when I need some good girl time, which helps a lot!

For the first two years of living here, I had Haley who was my nanny mom and now one of my very good friends. For those years though, she was also my boss so there were friend limits. I made a few friends through nannying, one was a good friend for a while, but we drifted and don't talk other than fb anymore. 

{Here's Haley and I on my wedding day}

Once I started teaching, I felt there was more hope. I love so many of my dance moms. A bunch of them even came to our wedding. I've never done anything with them outside of talking in the hallway after class though. Again, theres a line because it's a business. Like Haley being my boss. When I first started at the Community Center I saw Katie around and would say "hi" and remember thinking, we should totally be friends, I've got to get her to be my friend! (haha)

Then one day, Katie came in to vacuum quick before my class and said something like "I know this sounds weird, but do you want to hang out sometime? I keep wanting to ask you but I didn't want you to think I was weird!" I laughed and told her the same. So, we did :) That was a little over a year ago and now she is along with Haley, my best friend here. I love her so much. She and her husband, Chris go out to pizza/trivia night with every Wednesday. Matt also loves being with them and him and Chris get along great. The other night when we were at their house having dinner I left to take Cogsy out and Matt said, "Oh no honey, I just want to stay here, is it okay if you just go?" What?! That is not the husband I was awesome. He's so comfortable with them and loves our pizza nights so much. {Last night was fun and we came in last place at trivia...again} They are expecting their first baby on Christmas Day and I'm so excited that when she goes back to work I get to watch the baby :) Katie says, it's not's just hanging out with Auntie Chelsea. 

{I'm sad, I have no recent photos of us together. Maybe this weekend at her baby shower!}

I am hoping that through church eventually I will make more friends. It's tough to make friends being a grown up. I miss my friends from WI all the time! I wish I had random coffee dates with them. One is in France, so that makes me feel better that there wouldn't be random coffee dates right now anyways. Two of my friends flew in from WI for our wedding! 

{Here is me with my two good friends that I've known since elementary and middle school, Jenna and Micol. I love that they were there on our special day and got to meet Matt. Micky has met him before, but Jenna hadn't. Love. I stole this picture from Micky's facebook}

So, I need some more friends. I love having Katie and Haley but they have their own friends and own lives and aren't always free. Don't get me wrong, spending every second of my free time with my awesome husband is, well, awesome...but, some more girl time would be great too. I get so jealous of people who are from here who have their circle of friends with them for big stuff all the time, or for little stuff like halloween parties. Matt and I are basically loners if we're not with family, Chris and Katie or Haliam. This needs to change. It's not something I can force to happen, so I'll just keep waiting :)

Have a good day everyone! 
{I wish some of you blogger girls lived closer!}



  1. I totally get what you mean! When I was younger we moved to Rigby Idaho {extrememly small town},where everyone knows eachother and is practically related! There were all those circles of ppl..and I didnt fit in to any of them {the kids werent exactly welcoming} but then things get better, and more friendly. As it will for you! You are such a friendly person, I can tell..and If I lived there I would totally be your friend : ) Give it a little time and youll have so many friends asking you to hang out, youll have to buy a planner!

  2. If we lived any where near each other I'm sure we'd be friends :) I have a feeling I'm going to feel exactly the same way in a few months; we're moving to San Antonio. And I agree, time with the hubs is awesome but you gotta have your girls :)

  3. Love this post!! After college, all of my friends moved away and I stayed around because my husband was from this area. It's hard to start all over with a new circle of friends.

    It's crazy how the blog world lends you to so many people you know you would be friends with if you met in real life!! I am sure we would be! :)