Saturday, November 5, 2011

Peanut Butter Cake!

Oh my goodness. Best thing ever. I realize I say this for all the desserts I love, but mmmm...the peanut butter cake I made last night with peanut butter frosting is so yummy. Yes, I found the recipe on Pinterest. I have been having a blast making all these new recipes. Prior to our wedding we at a lot of Ramen always feeling guilty with our money knowing it should go towards our wedding. Now, we eat good healthy food and delicious desserts. It's been great. We've been a lot happier around lunch and dinner time, too. So this cake is amazing and I may request it as my new birthday cake. If you like peanut butter cookies, this is like one giant soft cookie. It's not crumbly like cake but not flat like a cookie but not as thick as a brownie,'ll just have to try!
 Here is the link to the recipe.
I used a regular cake pan (it calls for a jelly roll pan) and I baked mine for 32 minutes. It was crazy easy to make and I can't stop eating it. Matt too! I think he is enjoying my new favorite hobby. Baking just makes me happy. I love knowing that after I'm done making it, Matt gets to be happy while eating it :) My favorite is when I make something and he goes in for 2nds...that's the best compliment ever. 

Here are my photos. We have no natural light in our kitchen so my baking pictures are never pretty {sad}

We'll never be able to eat this whole cake. Tomorrow after church we are going over to friends, Katie and Chris' house to watch football, hang out with them and some of their friends, and help paint the nursery. I'm going to give them the rest. Katie, who is now 33 weeks pregnant will be happy :) 

I just went baby shower shopping for her and am excited that I bought her, her Moby! I love those.

Matt's watching I told you this morning {big game}. I've spent my time Christmas shopping at Target and doing laundry. Now I'm going to work on my t-shirt quilt. My mother-in-law and I went to out to lunch yesterday and took a little trip to our favorite store together, Ben Franklin! She helped me pick out my t-shirt quilt fabric. Black with ivory polka dots...super cute! Pics to come soon....

Have a good night everyone!

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  1. Omg this cake looks amazing! Peanut butter is a big deal in our house so I will have to make this soon, yummy! Gotta love Pinterest :)