Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our {Not My} Office MakeOver

Matt and I both work from home. The only day Matt actually goes in to the office is on Fridays. The only time I go to the office Community Center is when I'm teaching {15 classes/week}. So, we're home together all the time. We love it. So does Cogsy Wogsy. Now that our wedding is over and I'm craving projects constantly, it's time to make my office "our" office. Matt's contract keeps getting extended and his boss loves him. He's really happy in this job, which makes me so happy. He works a lot, but at least he gets to be home to take breaks when he needs to. {It's 11pm...he's working, so I'm blogging} If you think I "pin" and blog a's when Matt's working or watching football which is...a lot. So, there you have it. 

So, here is the wall stencil I just ordered off of Etsy {I'm obsessed with Etsy and have been for the past 3 years}. We are so excited to see if this stencil will actually turn out as awesome as this photo from 

The goal of our makeover is to feel like we're in Sunriver, OR where we went on our Honeymoon and will be returning to 3 Paper Birch Lane, every anniversary 
{or as close to it as we can in the case this year coming year}
We love how peaceful it is in Sunriver. 

Here are some other ideas I have for our office. 
{Note we are spending time and money on this room meaning a.) we do not want to move at the end of this lease b.) we do not plan on this room becoming a nursery anytime soon. Just sayin'. Although if God has other plans in mind for us, the stencil is reusable for turning the kitchen nook into the office lol.}

I am going to blow up this photo from our honeymoon and put it in a frame.

with this print from Etsy.
{Source: TheLobsterPot on Etsy}

We rode bikes so much on our honeymoon, I loved it! Especially because we had adorable little cruisers.

I want to make desks like this. So easy and awesome looking. I picture two next to each other against the stenciled wall.
{source: Pinterest}

I picture these between our desks {on their sides and stacked} to hold our printer and things. 

{source: Target}
Not too many things though. Matt's teaching me to put everything on my computer instead of keeping a bajillion registration forms {more like 600} but that's a lot for our first year. Imagine 5 years of those. Yikes. 

{source: Ikea}
We're getting this set for our living room, but we're getting the larger chair for that room. This is a great reading chair. I can totally picture reading my Kindle in this chair with some tea *sigh*

{source: Ikea}
and Duh. I'll need a footstool. 

{All three photos from Anthro}

And of course...there needs be pops of yellow. I'm thinking teal and yellow!

{source: Pinterest}

I can't wait until our stencil arrives so I can start this project and we can feel way more comfortable in our office together. Right now it is light purple with my light green Ikea desk and white frames everywhere (I was going shabby chic)...poor Matt. Our office is also being taken over by recital costumes that I'm trying as hard as I can to get out of there so Matt can breath. *sigh* there are always tutus everywhere here...better get used to that.

I'd love to hear your ideas for this room : )


  1. I am obsessed with anything and everything wood so I am in LOVE with your ideas! I might just have to order that stencil once we get our first station! Make sure you check Marshalls if you have one in your area, Ive gotten several wooden frames from them for about 2$ and Target always puts a ton of them on sale after Christmas!