Friday, November 25, 2011

So Thankful

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our Lanese side of the family. 
We woke up at 6am and made "Nuts and Bolts" and then left at 7:30am to go to Olympia. We got there around 9am and I was sooooo tired when we left and by 10am I think I was finally starting to feel awake. We had a yummy breakfast all together and had a fun day filled with games, looking at wedding pictures and of course, playing with the babies. I think my favorite part of the day was when the kids went to bed and Megan got to play a game with us and I got to talk with her :) I miss getting seeing her all the time so it was really nice. We all went around and told each other what we were thankful for and it was really nice to just be take the time to let each other know how thankful we all are for our family. Lots of happy tears, I loved it. It was a great family day! Here are some pictures :)

We can't believe how big the kiddos are getting. We had a lot of fun playing with them. Clare is talking so much, Quenton is moving all over the place and Caitlin is just a little doll. Poor girl had a rough day with her teeth and with everything that was going on. She was just so cuddly. 

{Clare at breakfast}

{Clare and Auntie Chelsea}

{Baby Quenton and Uncle Matty, he's such a little cutie!}

{Hehe I love this picture! Quenton's like "Hey Uncle Matty!"}

{"Aw man, not that camera again. I was so nice and happy until you got that thing out"}

{I said, "Quenton, Smiiiile" and, he did!}

{Caitlin working on her standing skills with Uncle Matty}

I hope everyone had as good of Thanksgiving as we did! 
Today was another wonderful day, I'll blog about that now while Matt's watching the Cal game :)

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