Monday, November 21, 2011

-Motivational Monday-

Ok, so I am linking up here on Kristen's blog and am going to try to do this every Monday...Motivational Monday. That's a good way to start out any week, don't ya think?


So today I'm going to write about what motivates me in general. 

Being a grown up is hard. Super hard. Dealing with our finances is the hardest. I think even doing grown up stuff like making sure we do the dishes everyday is hard. I'm not sure why doing chores isn't something that comes natural for either of us, but we stink at keeping up on household things. We always get sucked into other things... (blogging, Pinterest, a good book, video games, Kinect know the regular stuff, hehe.) 

So here is what motivates me to do my best to try and stay on top of everything...

See that happy and chill guy...that's my awesome hubby! 
When our apartment is messy (cluttered because I stink at putting stuff away when I'm done with it--crafts, recital costumes, work papers, etc.) this guy gets stressed out. Not enough that anyone else would know, but I do. When he's stressed he's quite. I like it way more when he's smiling and silly.

Same with money. If I skip Starbucks and get up a little earlier to make my coffee (like today), that's $5 more we have...and for the week about $25 more with all the Starbucks I drink. 

I love it when Matt is silly. That's one of things I love most about him. He reminds me that life doesn't always have to be sooo serious. 

*Side Note*
I've always been this way. So serious. 
I never really played when I was little...I just made pretend libraries, dance studios, businesses and sold food from our cupboards to my mom's daycare moms playing grocery store! I can hear my mom saying, "Chelsea, please just go outside and just play!" With my crying response of, "Mom, I don't know how to play!" On my 5th birthday invitation, my mom wrote the request, "No Barbies or dolls please, she is really into arts and crafts"...she put that because I would cry trying to play with Barbies not knowing how to make them talk. I would tell her "I don't know what to make them say!" I was quite happy with a notebook and pen plotting ways to make money. :( Now that I'm reading that, that's kind of sad, I blame it on not going to Disney World until 5th grade, yup, that's it for sure!...annnnyways.... 

Matt has the perfect mix of serious and fun! 

Wow, I get sidetracked when I write..sorry. I do it when I talk too. Matt thinks I'm the worst story teller.

Ok, motivation is Matt. For Matt to be happy, always. 
That makes me want to clean our apartment, try harder to not go to Starbucks or Target and to put him first always. He always puts me first. And having a happy hubby is so much better than a new scarf from Target or a Chai from Starbucks. *note, he never ever has said not to get those things...he actually tells me TO do those things because he wants me to be happy...but they're just things* So, I'll take my happy husband over those things any day!! :) Having more extra money will be more money for us to do things all our fun dates! Lunches at Panera, trips to the Disney Store, going to the movies, 5 Guys, weekly Zeeks with our friends, stuff like that...

Love you, Matt. You are so worth not having Starbucks ;) 



  1. Haha! Omg Starbucks and Target are my two biggest weaknesses and all of my money gets lost in those places...its so sad. My hubby is the same way :) Im such a stressful person and he is goofy ALL the time! Whenever Im down he knows just the silly song to sing or ridiculous face to make! Arent hubbies the best?! Thanks for linking up <3!

  2. Aww that is super cute!! :) Sounds like a great hubby! I hope I get one like that someday! :)

  3. This is so sweet, Chelsea! :) Our husbands sound a lot alike. The perfect balance to fun and seriousness!