Friday, November 18, 2011

National Adoption Day - Caleb Edition

I am really enjoying my time as I sit here and write down memories of my younger siblings (sorry Cody, you weren't adopted you don't get an adoption story). Last but not least...

Caleb Noah Nicholas
September 14, 2003 
My Age: 15 years old

Caleb's full infant life was while I was in the midst of dance, high school, friends and boys. I have funny memories of Caleb. Lots of little Spiderman memories. One of my high school friends dressed up as Spiderman and ran around our backyard for Caleb's birthday...jumping in trees, climbing the swingset...Caleb's dream. I'll always remember that. 
 {Caleb's reaction to seeing Spidey!}

By the time Caleb was 5, I was already moved out and living in Florida. 
{Caleb and I on the day him and my mom moved me into my apt. in FL...Minnie's house}

I remember babysitting...a lot. I remember not wanting to babysit...ever. Caleb has more energy than any little kid I've ever met (this is saying a lot, I know a lot of kids). His energy is different than just some ordinary hyper annoying little kids though...he uses his energy to do some incredible things. Flips off the couch probably before he could run. When he was little he would tell people his name was "Spiderman", we went with it, he held true to the name all the way. To this day, he's always doing some kind of stunts around the house. 
{chose this pose himself after we rode "Pirates"}

He was the hit of our wedding reception, dancing in the middle of all Matt's high school buddies. He wore raybans down the aisle, that says it all.  Because I was so wrapped up in my teenage years, most of my memories of my now 8 year old little brother are all post-living in Wisconsin. I love spending time with him. He too has such a big heart and so many friends. Little Mr. Popular. I swear he'll be in the NFL one day, or the NBA...or something! Maybe one of the acro monkeys in The Festival of the Lion King at Disney World?!!! Yeah, let's go with that. 

I love you Caleb. You are growing to be such a smart and handsome young man. I love you so so much! Don't stop dreaming...

Happy Adoption Day, everyone! Adoption has been such a blessing for my family...



  1. I love this post. Such a sweet story. Happy adoption day! :)

  2. I awarded you with the Liebster blog award on my blog today :)

  3. This is awesome. :) I love hearing adoption stories. Your family sounds wonderful!

  4. Thank you, Kristen!! That's so awesome and so so nice of you!! xoxo