Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's Hope!! : )

So ever since we have lived here in Washington I have had this huge black cloud over my head (figuratively and literally) about us being able to buy a home one day. In our city, the cost of a home is outrageous! I'm assuming it has something to do with the incredible location and schools. We like it here so I have been doing all that I can to learn to be okay that our future children will most likely grow in either 
A. a rental (apartment or townhome)
B. a condo
C. a small townhome

Matt and I have discovered a city, a large city (which I'm stupid to not listen to him about before because it's awesome and he's been trying to tell me about it but I didn't listen) just 25 minutes outside of where we live now. We want to stay as close as possible when we decide to buy a home because of my business. I hate commuting. There is no way in hell I'm leaving my dance kids. Noooo way. Matt doesn't mind commuting up to an hour each way. I think that's crazy but he's used to it from growing up in San Francisco and living in L.A. 

Anyways, we were Redfining away last night (in this house that is a word) and discovered that for $250,000 - $275,000 we could get an amazing home! I'm talking 2,000 sq ft + with 4 bedrooms and bonus rooms and yards, the whole works! There are tons of them so I'm not getting excited over nothing. Here for that price you can get a 2 bedroom condo so we would probably have to wait a lot longer to buy. 

We are no where near ready to buy now, but this has made me such a happier person knowing that there is hope for our children to grow up in a house...and most likely with a yard! *sigh* ... *HUGE sigh*. Matt even said it made him feel so much better. We are doing our best to do well with our money and to make good decisions so that we have more savings and better credit so we can buy one day. Maybe sooner than later now!

Here are some of the homes that are available for the $250,000 price range. These homes if bought here would be more like $450,000! (No joke.)

(I stole these pictures off of Redfin. Oh well...)

This city, okay fine...I'll just say it.
Kent, WA is also closer to where Matt's brother lives and will be close to where his sister lives too after they get married! It's still just 25 minutes from him parents and my work too. 

I'm pretty pumped about this. We're going to go explore on Sunday...before I get WAY too excited. 

(These are all just dreams, please do not hold me to anything I say on this blog when I am writing about things like this. Things change and who knows we could end up living in Hawaii one day, ha. I'm just excited about this today and felt like sharing before I burst.) 

: ) 

More happy news....another preschool contacted me today about teaching there for them representing Emerald City Dance, we'll see....

Have a good day everyone! Happy Wednesday!
Time to go fold recital!!! (for real, I like doing it)

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  1. This is awesome! I'm glad you guys have possibilities ahead. I can't wait to buy a home. :) It'll be a while though. But won't decorating be fun??