Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adventures and Goals

I am all about having goals and being a planner. Sometimes this turns into a flaw, but for the most part I think it's something good. Today I did not have to nanny in between classes and Matt and I have been sitting here thinking about places we would like to go and things we want to get done before I'm even allowed to think baby. {Well...I'm always thinking baby, but I'm pretty sure that means no so much out loud} Being newlyweds is a lot of fun because we feel like we are starting to really get on the right track with a lot of things. Some are small things, like we never have dirty laundry or dirty dishes because we have been keeping on top of cleaning. {It's a good feeling} Some are big things, like being conscious of our budget and keeping on top of our bills and getting our debt in order.

On the list...
"Before Thinking About A Baby These Things Must {would be better if they did} Happen"
#1 - No debt.
#2 - 4 door car (no way am I having to deal with car seats anymore in our 2 door Civic)

#3 - Matt graduate from college with his Bachelors degree

#4 - Travel (for sure - Vancouver, Whistler, San Francisco, a couple more Disneylands alone, at least one time to DisneyWorld alone and some camping)

#5 - feel confident in our finances and be able to not feel so "tight"

#6 - have at least $3,000 in an emergency fund

#7 - have the beginnings of a down payment on a home (to say the whole thing means waiting way too long for a least for me)

That's it.
It's a lot.
Right now it seems like forever.

We really are having a lot of fun being just the two of us and because I am knowledgable about babies and what it means to have a baby, I make an effort to remind myself to soak up this time of having my own free time. I love my free time. I think that if we had a baby right now I would miss my free time way too much.

{I need to start blogging with more pictures, I don't want to bore everyone with my ramblings}

Time go to go teach and then we're off to Zeek's Pizza for Trivia Night with Chris & Katie!

What were your goals before you had kids? Did you accomplish them? If you didn't, did it affect you a lot? Please share your thoughts :)



  1. We are still working on our pre-baby goals as well, many are the same esp. feeling more secure with our finances. Hopefully we will be there sooner than later! :)

  2. I think that's great that you guys wanna plan before baby. Isn't stability like the number one most important thing a child needs (besides love)? I'm sure you guys will be great parents when the time comes. Enjoy being married for now :) Sounds like you guys are!

    PS. Can I go traveling with you?? Those places sound super fun.