Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's All In HIS Hands...

Matt and I went to church this morning {I love going to church}. Growing up I was always begging my parents to go to church. When I was little we were the family that went on Christmas and Easter and I always loved going to church with my friends. Now my parents go every week and my younger siblings even go to their church's school. Anyways, when Matt and I first moved here to WA, it was one of my first goals to find a church here. I grew up Lutheran and Matt grew up Catholic so we wanted something neutral. We got tons of flyers each week in the mail for Timberlake Church but never ended up going. 

Back in April, my sister-in-law was going through a rough time and told me that she too felt the need to find a church home and so the three of us together went to Timberlake. We loved it. Matt and I are now members. For a while before our wedding we went a lot and I even taught Sunday School each weekend in the 3-4's room. When things started getting crazy with our wedding we slowly faded from going and I am so happy that we are now in our routine of going again. It feels so good to be there.

Today was especially powerful for me. Pastor talked about the truth in the Bible. It made me want to learn more. {After church we went to Barnes and Noble and bought me my own Bible}. I have really been feeling a feeling of security lately and I know it has everything to do with God. I pray a lot to not feel sad or worried about finances or savings. We are doing the best we can right now to save and bills get in the way of that a lot. I wish we could just snap our fingers and have an emergency fund or money set aside so we can start a family. It obviously doesn't work that way. All I can do is pray that we are wise with our money and that with time we will have an emergency fund and money set aside to have a baby. On days when it feels like we will never be able to start a family {the one thing I want more than anything in the world} I just remember that God will make sure we are ready before this happens. I know we are not ready right now, at least not financially. I also know that there is never the perfect time and that there will always be something we could have done more when it does happen. Everything comes with patience and time.

Today in church our Pastor told us that our church is building an orphanage in Haiti. I got so excited hearing this news! Adoption is something that is so important to me and something that Matt and I think may be something we could do one day. Having 3 adopted siblings, I have seen how adoption has helped their lives. I would love to be able to do that one day. If we ever did adopt we think it would be internationally {this is of course all me just blabbing right now so if you are family and reading this, I did not say "we are adopting" I'm saying "It would be an incredible thing for us to be able to do one day; a thought"} :) I emailed our church today asking them more information about this mission. A little over a year ago I had a huge urge to go somewhere to help sick and poor children. I researched it for a long time. Going to a third world country to help kids would be amazing. I love kids and it literally breaks my heart thinking there are children everywhere who aren't cared for properly. I'm totally the girl who cries during those foster commercials. They get me bawling every time and Matt always tries to comfort me. He always tells me that one day when we have children he knows I'll be the best mom ever because of how much love I have to give. {He also has tons of love to give...our kids are going to be the kids annoyed of us telling them we love them so many times, oh well!}

{my family being weird and awesome last year on my Dad's birthday}
{Cody's going to luck my Dad and is wearing Nerf goggles ha, Matt and Caleb are in the mafia lol}

{And then a nice picture}
{from left to right, top to bottom: Matt, Jalen (big brothers, big sisters), Cody (brother), Caleb (brother), Me, My Dad, Cylie(sister), Cirrah (sister)} Mom took these so she's missing :(

I am really looking forward to reading my Bible, I'm going to start in Matthew. {No, not because my husband is Matthew...well maybe just a little} My dad told me that's a good place to start {Matt agreed lol}. I bought a neat one that is flexible to fit in my purse so I can bring it with me everywhere to read at Starbucks or when I have time in between classes. I love putting my life in God's hands. It is a great feeling knowing that there is nothing I can do to speed things up to baby time. So for now I am loving every second I have with just Matt remembering that once we do have a baby that there will never be time with just Matt again, not even when we are 60 years old...there will still be our kids to worry about. We'll always take care of them. Just like our parents still take care of and watch out for us. 

Today we had a wonderful day with friends. We went to Chris and Katie's right after church and stayed there until 8pm. We met some of their other friends who were there with us all day and Katie's brother and girlfriend came over as well {we think they're awesome}. Things like that won't be able to happen once a baby is hear, so I soaked it up. {It was also an amazing day for me because us girls painted a "Oh, the Places you will Go" mural on the babies nursery wall..hehe..}

Anyways...long post. Sorry, everyone. I hope you all had a great Sunday!


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  1. That's so awesome that you are excited about church. Growing up with it, I think it's something I take for granted a lot. But I am so happy for you guys that you have found the peace that only He can give! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours! I love that we're both newlyweds! :) I'm sure we will have exciting stories to share.