Friday, November 25, 2011

Cutting Down Our Tree!!

We did it! It was hard. Really hard. 
But, we've decided that we'll definitely be doing it again.

We cut down our own Christmas Tree!
We were in lots of pain and got into a few tifs, but we had so much fun! 
I ended up being the one to saw down the tree. Matt did it for a bit a couple of times too, I'm not really sure why I ended up being the one to do it. Matt held up the branches (the bottom ones were super heavy and I couldn't hold them up that well) and I layed on my tummy and ended up just sitting on my butt in the mud sawing away, ha it was pretty funny to watch I'm sure. One time Matt was laying on the ground  sawing and I was clapping saying, "Go honey, Go honey!" Ha, we didn't know there were people by us and they started giggling thinking it was cute (I think...). 

I sawed that tree for a whole HOUR. During the last 5 minutes I knew we were close to being done and told Matt so he just grabbed the tree and yanked it.....crack! He thought I was going to be so happy that he broke the rest off, but...I was sad and he got a "MAaaaattttt!!!" I was bummed that I didn't get the feel the accomplishment of sawing through then end of that damn tree that I sawed for the last hour lol. What does Matt say, "Oops..."we were laughing when I looked up saying "Nooooooo!" and just layed on the ground in the mud in exhaustion, ha. He thought I was going to be so happy that we were done. 

There was a high school kid driving around to help people and he came to us 3 times asking "are you sure you don't want me to help you?"...I would look up from under the tree and say "NO, I got this! I'm so close!.....after the second time Matt informed me I wasn't even halfway on the other side....HA. It was so hard, but SO worth it once we were done and got it home. 

They had complimentary hot chocolate that we drank around a camp fire and a cute little gift shop filled with Christmas goodies. We loved it. There were so many families there and Matt said we will definitely make this a tradition. And of course, we ran into 2 dance families. Of course. 

Seeing the tree on top of our little car was pretty entertaining.

We had an even harder time once we got the tree home. We had to saw off the top a lot. So, what did we use?...a bread knife. We also had to saw four branches off the bottom and then we couldn't get the stupid screws in the cheap-o tree stand I bought from Target. Matt got super frustrated, quit and took a 20 minute nap. I finished it before he woke up. It wasn't really that hard but after all the work we did to cut it down everything seemed stressful and he was just done. Once he woke up it was better :) and we decorated!!! Yay!!

We were so excited to be done cutting it down that we forgot to take a picture of it on the ground. Oops.

{The reason my blogs are so detailed and why I blog at all really is because I have not had the chance to talk to my parents as much now that they're working so much and working lots of 3rd shifts. So if you are around us a lot and it feels silly that I could just tell you all these things in person..... I just really like that my parents can read this and know whats going on with us too :) }


  1. what a sweet blog! i just found you through the follower fest at the wiegand's. your christmas tree looks great! :)


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  2. Hi! My name is Lindsay and I found your blog via the Follower's Fest. I absolutely love it! We're in South Florida so we don't get the chance to actually chop down our own tree -- last year, though, we were traveling and got to go to an actual tree farm to cut our own tree! It was so much fun. Much more fun than picking up a tree at a tree lot, haha, like we have to do. Your pictures look so much fun! I love your blog and can't wait to read more!

  3. Aww this is amazing! I hope we can cut down a tree someday! You go girl! Show that tree who is boss! Haha. I love your blog :)