Sunday, November 20, 2011


Just when I logged into Blogger tonight to write about our weekend, I saw I had a few new comments (always exciting!)...I was so so so excited to see that Kristen, who has one of my favorite blogs to read, awarded me with and award! I felt so honored :)

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

I have absolutely loved blogging these last few months and love that it's a great way for me to keep my family up to date and also a fun way to meet people. Maybe one day I could even meet them in person!
So here is how the Liebster Blog Award works:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
(Thank you, Kristen!!)
I love reading Kristen's blog. She is a brand new Army Wife and I give her so much credit. She's gone so long without seeing her hubby and I get so excited for her when I read she's had the chance to talk to him! :) 
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love, too!

Here are my my top 5 picks (and also why I love reading their blogs):

This is so much fun :) Thanks again, Kristen! 



  1. You are so sweet <33 I'm so happy I get to follow your blog everyday and all of your comments make my day! I wish I could give you a thousand awards!!

  2. Chels you are SOO sweet for doing this!! What a lovely complient and gesture! This seriously made me feel so loved and happy! Youll be glad to know, im spreading the love, and am in the middle of writting a post on this as well! Thanks so much girl, you are so nice!