Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soakin' Up the Holidays

Matt and I both love this time of year. We got so excited today walking around Target looking at all of the Christmas stuff. I wanted to buy like 20 rolls of pretty wrapping paper. {I resisted, we bought none...yet}. Two weekends ago we went to the Tacoma Dome to the Holiday Gift Show with Mel, Matt's sister and her fiance, Clint. It was fun to see all the booths and gadgets. Matt was disappointed because he thought it was a Christmas show. It is actually gifts you can buy people for Christmas with a few crafty booths thrown in there for Christmas decor. {I would prefer full on Christmas crafts as well}. Here are our pictures from that day. We are resisting Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, that has always been our rule and my families as well. 

{My sister-in-law, Mel and I}

{Me and Husband}

 {Mel and Clint just 10 months now until their wedding day and our 1st anniversary! They are getting married on the same day we did...September 2nd is the best day to get married. Matt and I are looking forward to being in their Bridal Party that day, who else gets professional photos taken in matching formal attire on their 1st anniversary?...awesome!}

As promised, here are the photos of the awesome Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread I made on Saturday.

Now, for the most exciting photos {well, for me at least because I am proud...}
On Tuesday in between nannying and teaching I had an hour to myself and decided to attempt making my Christmas Ornament Wreath, inspired by Pinterest. I finished it just now and am in love with how it turned out! Matt loves it too, I didn't get an "awesome, honey" like usual, I got an "Oh Wow, honey! You did a great job!" Much better than "awesome" which he says about everything. 
I am especially excited about the "L" I added. 

Christmas Ornament Wreath
Suppy List:
One tube of 50 silver ornaments from Ikea $12.99
3 tubes of mini ornaments from the Target dollar section $1.00 each
One "L" gift tag from Target $1.00
Hot Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
One styrofoam wreath from Michaels $5.99
Total: $23.00 

I started by adding the silver ornaments around the edges, but not completely on the sides. Then I added about 5 on the inside. From there I just started filling in with all the silver. I left out about 10 until the end when I needed to fill in empty spots. I then added in all of the mini ornaments so you could see no glue, mistakes or wreath through. (*note* take off all of the ornament tops by just popping them off) It was super fun to make and really easy. I think I may make one as a Giveaway! 

My next Christmas project, which I am working on right now is taking all of our dried baby's breath from our wedding (we have tons) and putting them inside ornaments for us, Matt's parents, my parents and Matt's cousin, Mary Beth, who married us. They're turning out to be really pretty. I dried my bouquet and tried putting the petals all in a book to dry...I checked them today---ruined. It was sad throwing them out, but at least we have tons and tons of the baby's breath which was everywhere at our wedding. :) Happy Day.

Practice and Parent Meeting tonight {I don't like parent meetings} wish me luck.


  1. Love your wreath. I went to a Christmas show like that last year and I expected all Christmas crafts and was a little disappointed as well!!

  2. Mmm pumpkin bread is the best! I love your wreath and your ornament idea, so cute!

  3. I feel like you and I are two peas in a pod...this is my favorite time of year, too! I love the wreath you made! Great job!

  4. Thanks girls :) And I agree, Casie {about the peas in a pod thing} :) !!